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Tyrrells Property Inspections

Skedulo helps Tyrrells' Building Consultants provide daily property inspection services to home owners and developers, and alleviates administrative staff from working overtime to dispatch jobs.
Property Valuations & Inspections
Reduced manual scheduling processes
Reduced time to dispatch

With more than 20 Building Consultants providing daily property inspection services to home owners and developers, Tyrrells administrative staff were working overtime to dispatch jobs.

Lack of real time communication also made it difficult to equip consultants with up-to-date information when clients requested changes or provided extra information after an initial booking.

Knowing there had to be a better way, Tyrrells asked their Salesforce Partner for advice—and they recommended Skedulo.

About Tyrrells

Tyrrells Property Inspections (Tyrrells) is a respected leader in the building inspections industry.

Founded in 1983, the company provides a full range of building inspection services including quality assurance and pre-purchase inspections as well as engineering, asbestos, fire safety, home owner warranty, strata and dilapidation reports.

Tyrrells have an award-winning architectural team who develop residential and commercial designs and manage the DA approval process for their clients.

With a highly experienced team, Tyrrells also offer expert witness and mediation services to resolve building disputes.

A lack of real time communication made it difficult to equip field staff with the right information

Tyrrells is home to a large team of licensed builders, structural engineers and architects who provide services to a diverse range of clients—from home owners to prominent developers.

With almost all work conducted in the field, the majority of Tyrrells staff operate 100% remotely. They complete all paperwork from home, and go directly to site after receiving instructions from the office.

For over 30 years, Tyrrells administration staff had followed an entirely manual process to dispatch new jobs. This included a custom-built database, Word-based report templates, and lots (and lots) of emails. Although it had served the company well, the volume of emails and disparity of information was creating internal inefficiencies—particularly in peak periods.

Critically, Tyrrells admin staff found it very difficult to give consultants real time updates about jobs that had already been dispatched. For example, if a client requested a change or gave more information about a job after the initial booking was made, the consultant had to be notified by email every time.

Without a centralised location to quickly access all the latest job information, consultants could easily miss key details.

Hannah Barry, Tyrrell’s Office Manager, says this was a painful process for the admin team and Building Consultants.

“Even simple things, such as triple checking that the subject field had the right job reference number, were painful and time consuming for admin staff. And Building Consultants couldn’t be certain that they had the latest information when they arrived on site.”

Skedulo helps Tyrrells boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve service delivery

Keen to improve efficiency and step into the future of workplace automation, Tyrrells engaged Salesforce Partner Tquila ANZ to roll out Salesforce. When they explained the extra functionality they were seeking, Tquila recommended Skedulo.

“Our main criteria was that our admin staff could communicate with Building Consultants in real time,” says Hannah. “Tquila explained Skedulo would meet our needs out of the box, but could also be customised. This was really important to us because we had specific ideas about what we wanted our system to be able to do.”

Tyrrells deployed Skedulo into their Salesforce environment and retired 90% of their manual scheduling processes. Hannah says the roll out was easy because Skedulo is so user friendly.

“It was a very smooth and easy transition. With Skedulo, you hit dispatch on the job and that’s it!”
Hannah Barry
Office Manager at Tyrrells Property Inspections

Tyrrells admin staff now add all new jobs into Salesforce, which are automatically drawn into Skedulo. They can attach documents, upload images, and add any job notes as they come in.

“Rather than pressing 42 different buttons to dispatch a job, Skedulo now does the hard work for us and removes any concerns about human error. When Building Consultants arrive on site, they’re able to open Skedulo and check the job details are still the same as when it was first dispatched.”

“Skedulo lets us equip our Building Consultants with real time data while they are in the field. It has automated our very manual processes, and made us much more productive and efficient.”
Hannah Barry
Office Manager at Tyrrells Property Inspections

Hannah says Skedulo has reduced duplication of information, because everything is now in one place instead of being scattered across siloed systems and emails.

“It’s created a fast and simple workflow, with a one-click dispatch that sends the package of information straight to the Building Consultants. Particularly in the afternoons when we dispatch most of the jobs, staff are much less stressed now!”

Tyrrells also uses Skedulo’s staff identification features— such as tagging and inclusions/exclusions—to quickly identify which staff are most appropriate for certain jobs.

“We have 20 Building Consultants and frequently get repeat work from customers. Based on the information we input into Skedulo, it will recommend a consultant for us. This is so valuable for our Booking Coordinators because they have a million things to remember. It’s now far easier to book the right person for the right job—which helps us deliver a great experience for our customers.”

“We have loved working with our Skedulo Customer Success Manager. It’s fantastic to be able to ask a question and get a fast and straight-forward answer.”
Hannah Barry
Office Manager at Tyrrells Property Inspections

Moving forward, Hannah is now working with her Skedulo Customer Success Manager to help eliminate other manual processes.

“We still use the scheduling spreadsheet because we have never found a better way to keep a running list of all projects. We even spoke with a company in the past and it didn’t work out, so we’d written it off as impossible.

“Skedulo is exploring how to incorporate this for us so every aspect of our scheduling is centralised. We’re very excited about that.”

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