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CWPS, an IT services provider in Washington, DC, was struggling with missed appointments, inconsistent data, and excessive service costs. Learn how Skedulo centralized and automated CWPS’ manual scheduling, saving them time, money, and providing data to better manage their business.  

About CWPS

Launched in 1980, CWPS is a leading provider of managed IT, help desk, and other support services. CWPS is based in the Washington, DC, area and services commercial enterprises across the U.S. With onsite services core to its business, CWPS was struggling to send the right engineer to the right customer while managing expenses and fulfilling client agreements. With more than 300 customer relationship to manage, CWPS was held back by scheduling in spreadsheets, email, and other manual tools.

“There were a lot of missed visits, and a lot of clients were complaining. When you looked, the spreadsheet didn’t necessarily match from week to week. It was just very manual and it just made no sense,” said George Estrada, chief technology officer at CWPS. Shortly after joining CWPS, George set his sights on solving this problem once and for all.

One of George’s key requirements was a solution that would connect natively and seamlessly to CWPS’ Salesforce instance. “I wanted a solution that was native to Salesforce and have it link back to the client record. It didn’t make any sense to me to have to go into Salesforce to look at one thing, and then if I wanted to see the visits, go into something else. So that was the driving force.”

CWPS Saves Money with Skedulo

With Skedulo integrated natively into Salesforce at CWPS, they stopped missing appointments immediately to the delight of their customers. Now, work requests from the client go straight into Skedulo, which manages schedules, dispatches workers, captures key data onsite, and enhances Salesforce as CWPS’ source of truth. But even more importantly, the speed and efficiency of using Skedulo resulted in significant cost savings for the company.

“Suddenly we found we had 20-25 hours that now weren’t being lost. So we would re-assign people who had extra hours to internal projects or do more field work where we were normally sending senior engineers. If I had to send a senior engineer, that was a considerable amount of money. Finding an extra 20-25 hours in the schedule saved me that money. I was able to save 20 of those hours—easily—to save time for the senior engineers. That’s $175 an hour. So that’s a significant number.”
George Estrada
Chief Technology Officer at CWPS

Smart Design and Speed of Delivery Made CWPS Choose Skedulo

Usability and design were important considerations for Estrada, who wanted to ensure his team would be able to adopt a new scheduling solution easily. “The eye candy got me going. Clean design. Very intuitive. I have a web development background, so that was the first thing I was looking for. ‘Is this something that just looks clean and easy to use,” he said.

But perhaps even more than the design and quality of the solution, Estrada was overwhelmingly satisfied with his services engagement with Skedulo, especially how quickly and expertly the solution was integrated into CWPS’ Salesforce instance.

“I think we rolled it out within three weeks of meeting Skedulo. That was one of the things that impressed me the most. The staff that was assigned me—the Customer Success Manager—actually knew the product really well and knew Salesforce really well. So between she and I, we had it up and running really quickly.”
George Estrada
Chief Technology Officer at CWPS

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