GPDQ partnered with Skedulo for end-to-end scheduling and mobile workforce management when both companies were just in their infancy. 


As a start up with an ambitious goal to revolutionize the healthcare industry with on demand field-based medical visits, the founders of UK-based GPDQ knew advanced technology would be pivotal to success.

GPDQ partnered with Skedulo for end-to-end scheduling and mobile workforce management when both companies were just in their infancy. 

Together, the companies have experienced exponential growth, with GPDQ now providing an array of healthcare services to thousands of customers in the UK.  

About GPDQ

GPDQ is a UK healthcare service that provides on-call medical visits to patients at any location such as their home, work, or at a hotel.

The service operates nationwide and offers everything from general consultations to physiotherapy, blood tests, prescriptions, vaccinations, and wellness clinics for employers. 

Founded in 2015, the company has exploded from just a handful of GPs in London to more than 100 who deliver as-needed services to people in cities across the country.

Disrupting an industry requires disruptive technology

It’s no small feat to introduce a revolutionary concept to an industry—particularly healthcare where uptake of digital solutions had been relatively slow before 2020.

Marc Johnston, GPDQ Customer Success Manager at Skedulo, has worked with the team from the early days of the relationship and finds the company’s vision and approach very inspiring. 

“GPDQ’s founders wanted to disrupt the industry, and had a technology-first approach from day one. Their plan has always been to leverage advanced systems to provide a better customer experience – similar to an Uber, but in health and medicine.”

GPDQ’s model allows customers to use a self-service calendar to book an in-home or virtual GP appointment, and often be seen within a couple of hours if they wish. 

Scheduling field visits for a large cohort of GPs with varied schedules was always going to be one of GPDQ’s biggest challenges. So they sought a best of breed platform that would allow for seamless mobile workforce management—with the ability to scale as they grew. 

GPDQ’s doctors often take on GPDQ appointments outside of other work commitments. This means GPDQ required a scheduling platform that could:

  • offer self-service bookings to customers
  • send the appointment opportunity to right-fit GPs on their mobiles
  • register which GP picks up the job
  • assign the GP to the job and share any patient notes
  • show the GP how to get to the appointment
  • keep the customer updated with automated SMS

With these and many more capabilities, Skedulo was the perfect choice for GPDQ. 

GPDQ’s doctors share how Skedulo helps them provide a next level customer experience

Rob is a GP who works in a doctor’s surgery 3 days a week and sees GPDQ patients on other days. 

“GPDQ accounts for around 20% of my workload, and most patients I see are face to face,” says Rob. “Working in the community, I get to build a relationship with my patients and follow their health journey. It’s a privilege to be in that position when you’re invested in people’s lives.”

Semiya has been a doctor for more than 20 years, and also sees GPDQ patients as her schedule allows. She enjoys working for GPDQ as it provides variety and flexibility. “Since COVID, patients rarely want to visit a doctor’s surgery so a lot of appointments are via phone or video. Personally I believe face to face visits are very important, and I enjoy meeting new patients through GPDQ.”

Both Rob and Semiya say Skedulo is a revolution in the way they receive and attend to appointments. 

“As soon as I accept a job it goes straight into Skedulo and I can see it on the mobile app,” says Rob. “You can hit the ground running which is great because each job varies in urgency but most patients want to be seen that day. With Skedulo, I can accept a job and be ready to go in 5 minutes.”

“Skedulo is so simple to use. I accept the job and can literally get in the car, hit go, and it will connect me to the navigation system and take me straight to the patient’s location.”

Rob’s favourite part of Skedulo is the check-in and check-out feature, which is designed to improve safety for people who work in the field. 

“We’re essentially going out into the unknown—all different areas of London with different patients and from different walks of life. I really like that GPDQ staff know when I arrive at a job and when I finish, and if there is unusual activity they will check in to make sure everything is OK. 

“This is really helpful for my safety, and also my patients’ safety. If I was tied up with someone who was very unwell and it was difficult to call for assistance, I know GPDQ would check in after a period of time to see if I needed any help.

“Skedulo is like added security in your pocket and I really like that.”

Semiya says Skedulo is vastly more efficient than emails and diary entries, with all the patient information she needs at a glance. 

“Skedulo is very efficient. I know the patient’s name, address, phone number, minor details about symptoms if they have shared them, and any other patient notes. It’s all there on my phone, so I don’t have to disturb anyone to ask for more information—I just go to the appointment. If I need to refresh my memory, it’s all in the one place and I can look back whenever I need to.”

A healthy future

Moving forward, Marc says GPDQ is on a path to massive growth as it expands into wellness boot camps and other innovative health services. 

“Their growth has been exponential, yet they haven’t needed to massively increase their scheduling team because Skedulo makes it easy to scale without the effort. 

“Skedulo has also helped them achieve high patient satisfaction which has been very important to them from the onset. They’re a great team to work with, and we’re very proud to be part of their journey.”

“For us at Skedulo, it’s very rewarding to be able to support an innovative company in healthcare where we know it makes such a big difference to people’s lives.”

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