Integrated Disability Support Services (IDSS)

In need of a reliable and scalable solution, a referral to Skedulo led to an overhaul of IDSS's existing system and has since saved the not-for-profit countless hours of precious time.


Personalised and high quality service are the foundation of Integrated Disability Support Services (IDSS) – an Australian not-for-profit that supports the most vulnerable members of our community. 

After experiencing rapid growth from a moderate goal to provide 150 hours of support in a single location to over 500 hours across 3 locations, the organisation was struggling with ineffective scheduling platforms which were required to help manage a large cohort of community care and support workers. 

In need of a reliable and scalable solution, a referral to Skedulo led to an overhaul of their existing system and has since saved the not-for-profit countless hours of precious time.

About IDSS

Integrated Disability Support Services (IDSS) is a registered NDIS provider in Australia which supports people living with a disability through community access services, supported independent living, and respite care. 

Based in Queensland, IDSS is the brain-child of Kahli Olesen – a registered nurse who unexpectedly lost her vision at the age of 23. While her vision did return, it was a tumultuous time with a rapid learning curve, leading to a realisation about the huge lack of community support for locals living with a disability. 

In 2017, Kahli partnered with her mum to open the first IDSS community hub in Bundaberg. By 2022, IDSS had grown to several hubs across the state and now employs 260 staff who serve more than 465 clients across an impressive 700km radius.  

In search of a reliable, scalable scheduling solution

IDSS prides itself on offering a truly personalised service to people living with a disability. Services are delivered by skilled nurses, community care workers and support workers.  

Scheduling and rostering these workers is a key part of the business, and IDSS had already implemented multiple scheduling platforms which had failed to meet their needs. 

“Our first platform was aged-care focussed and impossible to scale,” says Michelle McPhee, CEO of IDSS. “The second was really frustrating. It failed at every turn and we were used as a guinea pig which didn’t suit us because we were at a pivotal growth point. We needed something reliable and proven; something that could grow with us.”

Another concern was the lack of audit and compliance management capabilities which are so crucial to an NDIS-registered service. 

Ready to evaluate new solutions, Michelle and Kahli (co-founder and Executive Director) contacted a specialist healthcare platform which suggested Skedulo.  

“They admitted they don’t do scheduling well and that we should consider Skedulo. We took the vendor selection process very seriously and initially evaluated 20 scheduling solutions. This was narrowed to 6 and we tested 2 which is where Skedulo won out. Ultimately it was Skedulo’s capabilities and in-region support that instilled the most confidence.”

“We needed something reliable and proven. Something that could grow with us.”

Third time’s a charm

Kahli and Michelle managed the IDSS implementation of Skedulo, which went hand in hand with a near doubling of the organisation’s size. 

“We needed Skedulo to do everything and to perform consistently. We wanted to be able to successfully schedule, push out rosters, have employees see jobs in advance, understand what was required of them for that job, and more. Ease of use was also important because our team’s strength is building relationships – not becoming experts in back-end systems.”

Key outcomes for the implementation included:

  1. Reduce overtime with more efficient scheduling and greater visibility of schedules
  2. Ensure schedules are cost effective by giving schedulers the ability to make informed resourcing decisions
  3. Minimise administrative overheads and double data entry
  4. Ensure awards are being adhered to and staff are paid correctly

“Skedulo’s customer support team was effective and efficient; they worked very closely with us to tailor the solution. The fact that Skedulo works on the Salesforce system allows for deeper customisation out of the box, and we relied on the ability to add fields and customise while maintaining the integrity of data security.”

“Every time we’ve had an issue, Skedulo has had an answer.”
Michelle McPhee, CEO

A noticeable difference from day one

After the implementation, the team at IDSS achieved lots of easy wins amidst short term challenges due to adoption fatigue. 

“Initially we had some resistance from the internal team as this was the third system in 3 years,” says Michelle. “It helped that our people were involved in the deployment and saw how easy and intuitive it was to use Skedulo.”

Matthew Pallister, who uses Skedulo’s front and back-end systems, says the difference was noticeable from day one. 

“Coming from slow, outdated-looking systems with crowded interfaces and tiny fonts, it was energising using a system that looked like it belonged in the 21st century. 

“It has changed the way we work in many ways. For example, we can access participants’ details and files in a central location. The ‘Swimlanes’ (Skedulo’s unique way of viewing jobs and resources) allow us to quickly see – and on a single screen – shifts that are pending allocation, available resources, and the progress of each shift. This reduces administrative time and the burden of our office staff’s most time-consuming task: rostering.”

In the field, IDSS support workers now have greater access to clients’ details – be it health or other alerts, NDIS Plan goals, or incident reports which can now be completed closer to the actual time of an incident using the Skedulo mobile app. Group-based support workers also use Skedulo to mark off attendance. 

“Resources attend their shifts on time and provide our participants – the most important part of our business – with quality, individualised service. The Tasks section provides an excellent way to ensure staff complete important tasks before their shift ends.”

Moving forward, IDSS will focus on further integrating Skedulo with key business systems to streamline operations and maximise efficiency across scheduling, data management, accounting and payroll.

“If Skedulo disappeared I would be leaving the country. Without it, we would not have been able to perform the support we have in the last couple of years.”
Kahli Olesan, Executive Director

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