Moriarty Foundation

In need of a trusted solution to streamline their systems and processes, the Moriarty Foundation’s leaders reached out to Skedulo.


As a nonprofit organisation delivering transformational closing the gap solutions to remote and regional Aboriginal communities, Moriarty Foundation was on the cusp of expanding its game changing football program, John Moriarty Football, from a few communities in the Northern Territory to 19 communities across multiple states.

In need of a trusted solution to streamline their systems and processes, the Foundation’s leaders reached out to Skedulo. 

Skedulo has since helped staff keep track of their schedules and participant attendance, while empowering leadership with access to trusted, real time data for reporting and decision making. 

About Moriarty Foundation

Moriarty Foundation was founded in 2012 by a Yanyuwa man, John Moriarty AM (the first Indigenous footballer to be selected for Australia), and business leader Ros Moriarty. The Foundation prides itself on being Indigenous-founded, Indigenous-delivered, embedded, holistic, and authentic. 

Every week, the Moriarty Foundation reaches over 2,000 Indigenous children in 19 remote and regional communities in NT, Qld and NSW through its interrelated programs: John Moriarty Football (JMF) and Indi Kindi. In alignment with Australia’s national agreement on Closing the Gap, the Foundation is achieving proven progress in 13 of the 17 Closing the Gap targets. 

JMF is Australia’s longest running and most successful Indigenous football initiative for children aged 2 to 18 years. Its transformational skills program uses football (soccer) to harness talent and create positive change. The program has a track record of improving school attendance and achieving resilient, healthier outcomes for Indigenous children.

Indi Kindi is a groundbreaking early years program for children under 5 years old in remote Aboriginal communities. It integrates health, wellbeing, education and development to give children the best start in life. Indi Kindi’s sector-leading, culturally-embedded learning on Country model ensures young Aboriginal learners thrive. 

On the cusp of an extensive expansion

To deliver JMF, Moriarty Foundation employs football coaches to run in-school and after-school training sessions and occasional community events. They are supported by office-based schedulers and a passionate leadership team. 

JMF Program Director, Jamie Morriss, joined Moriarty Foundation after working as a sports coach and operations manager for a leading sports coaching company. 

He came on board to support JMF at a key stage in its growth journey, with a plan to expand from:

  • 5 staff to 40
  • training for 120 children to 2,000 children
  • 2 communities in the Northern Territory to 19 communities across 3 states

The expansion also involved a huge addition of resources (such as vehicles) which would need to be tracked and managed.  

Jamie knew that systems and processes would need to be re-examined and streamlined for the expansion to be a success. As a nonprofit, it was also very important for the Foundation to be able to demonstrate that funding was being used effectively and its work was creating an impact. 

“As a nonprofit, we must show that we are using funding effectively and creating an impact in the communities we serve.”

A trusted partner

To support its expansion of JMF, Moriarty Foundation required a scalable solution that could simplify:

  • scheduling of school programs 
  • coach allocation
  • student attendance
  • resource and asset tracking 

Having used Skedulo at a previous organisation, Jamie knew the platform was exactly what was needed. 

He reached out to Skedulo’s Customer Success Manager, Sharmila Rama, and explained his needs which included supporting a new cohort of schedulers who were being onboarded to assist with the expansion. 

“To prepare for Skedulo’s implementation, we thought through the different roles – admin, schedulers, coaches in the field – and how they would need to use it,” says Jamie. 

“After implementation, it was like a duck to water for younger staff who were already used to doing everything on their phones. Some staff were a little overwhelmed at first, so helping them understand the technology and how it would make their jobs easier was central to success.”

Total visibility with faster insights

JMF’s football coaches now use the Skedulo mobile app to keep track of their schedules and know where they need to be on any given day. They also have an attendance list on their mobile app to quickly see which children should be at training and record their attendance.

Because this information was previously tracked in Google Sheets, it was difficult to see how programs were tracking and to generate meaningful reports about program delivery, participation and progress – something Jamie says is no longer an issue thanks to Skedulo.    

“Skedulo gives us confidence in our data and has made reporting so much easier. For example, we now have accurate reporting on the 1,000+ sessions or jobs we deliver each quarter or school term, including reporting for over 2,000 unique Indigenous children who participate in the football program.

“Making fast decisions is another key benefit we’ve experienced since implementing Skedulo – such as when we’re setting up a new team meeting or a team-wide training event. Before, we had to look across different time zones to figure out a time that would be best. Now, we can simply look in the Skedulo calendar and see all the sessions running to find the right time for everyone.”

“We have so many more reliable and useful business insights than before. When we draw up our reports we know the data is in there; we don’t have to do any other number crunching. We also now have 40+ staff who benefit from a clear, structured and accessible schedule on their mobile devices.”

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