Case Study

New Jersey Respiratory Associates

Nursing Facilities Served
Accounts per therapist

New Jersey Respiratory Associates (NJRA) is a respected leader in the healthcare service industry. Their customers are skilled nursing facilities with a 24/7 need for respiratory therapy on demand.  By deploying a customized mix of Skedulo and Salesforce, Greg streamlined NJRA’s workflows, provide therapists with a better work experience, and grow the family business, doing much more with much less. At the same time, NJRA eliminated hidden expenses, knocked down roadblocks to growth, and transformed their manual back office into a digital powerhouse.


NJRA needed to reduce the time and complexity of back office processes in creating optimal therapist schedules. They also needed a better way to make schedule adjustments on the fly to meet unexpected same-day requests for therapy services as patients arrived at the SNFs. Schedule updates were emailed to the therapists, filling up their inboxes and increasing the risk of errors.


After a series of meetings with staff to pinpoint roadblocks and identify solutions, NJRA implemented new mobile workforce scheduling software to optimize therapist routing and communications. At the same time, they implemented software to streamline management of customer data.

“Our ability to schedule efficiently is necessary to provide high-quality care and service … We were shocked to see the effect Skedulo had in enabling us to do more with less. These benefits extended beyond just our mobile workforce. We saw greater efficiency in our back-office operations, invoicing, and sales.”
Greg Pino NJRA
Greg Pino
VP Operations and Sales, NJRA


Automation and smarter data management allowed NJRA to reduce back office expenses and take on more accounts, growing 20% for 3 years in a row. It also brought in new sources of data and insights for more intelligent business decision-making.