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ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver is a licensed business by ServiceMaster Canada and a premier provider of residential and strata cleaning in the Metro Vancouver region. ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver has grown over the last twenty years from under ten employees to over eighty, supported by over twenty-five service vehicles. During this growth, the company has leveraged its use of Skedulo and Salesforce to improve its field service operations and presently delivers over 1,000 field service appointments each month.

About ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver

“We’re a one source vendor for cleaning services for property managers,” says David Benoit, owner, president, and general manager of ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver. Over twenty years, Benoit has grown his business in the Vancouver metro area eightfold. During that time, Benoit has steadily evolved his operations from manual, paper-based processes to a fully mobile and paperless process with the best available technology to support his field staff.

With 80 employees, more than 1,000 service appointments monthly, and 25 vans on the road, ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver needed a reliable system that would sync seamlessly with Salesforce and provide piece of mind to mobile employees and management that both the data going to and being collected from mobile devices was always trustworthy.

Replacing a Broken Field Service Management System

“We had a lot of problems with the quality of our data and the way it interacted with our CRM, Salesforce,” says Benoit. ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver had implemented a field service management solution that proved to have a very serious flaw: its connection to Salesforce simply did not work.

“When the data wasn’t reliable, it really hurt us,” Benoit elaborates. “We had gaps in our service histories, which is a serious problem. As a service company, it’s very important that we keep great records of what we did on site: pictures, photos, notes. That broke quite often, and it caused problems for us.”

The broken connection resulted in lost revenue, late customer notifications, and late payments. So when Benoit and his team set out to find a replacement for the broken field service management system, they had a clear, priority requirement: a seamless connection to Salesforce to ensure trustworthy data.

Trustworthy Data and Simplified Scheduling Lead to Competitive Advantages

“With Skedulo, we no longer have the data problem. We can count on that data, we can structure it the way we want to structure it, and then use it for other purposes, like marketing and sales,” says Benoit. Having a seamless connection between scheduling and service delivery data has enabled the company to make improvements to its overall customer experience.

“With the completed field service information, we can send follow up information to the customers and make sure they are happy. We have better service records and can use it to identify additional sales opportunities to customers who are only using one line of service with us. So we can bundle opportunities,” explains Benoit. “It just really helps us tie everything together and give us that complete view.”

Using data from Skedulo to trigger notification emails and text messages to customers have given ServiceMaster Residential an advantage in the marketplace. As the six service lines require different customer engagement on site—for example, a property manager may not require notification, but the on-site contact for a job will—tailoring the customer experience before and after arriving onsite makes them stand out.

“To someone considering Skedulo, I would say that it’s going to allow you more complexity in your field management. It’s going to give you a tight integration to Salesforce, or whatever platform you want to use. And it allows you to connect the different areas of your business.”
David Benoit
Owner and President, ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver

A Mobile App for the “Most Important” Employees in the Company

“Our most important staff are our field staff,” says Benoit. “If they walk into a job site, and they don’t have what they need, it’s going to set a negative tone for the experience and you are going to lose that customer interaction or service call. We have to make sure that our field staff has the ability and confidence to do their jobs properly.”

Skedulo’s mobile app is where ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver’s field staff “live” in their jobs, as Benoit describes it. The app, with its consumer grade look and feel, has made providing exceptional customer service easier for Benoit’s team and given them more control over their day. The service team often does not need to come into the office at all as everything they need is on mobile, creating more time in their day to deliver service.

The operations team at ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver has a smoother day now with Skedulo, as well. “Their job is way easier. Nobody wants to be in a job where they are worried about someone not having the information they need. Before, the operations team would have sent a message and not known whether the person on the other end got it. Now, that isn’t an issue,” Benoit says.

Expanding into Compliance and Safety

As his business keeps growing, Benoit is continually looking for ways to improve his operation. Next, he plans to expand how they use Skedulo to support safety and compliance requirements. Services like window cleaning at height, for example, requires correct adherence to health and safety guidelines.

“There are compliance tasks that must be done. We want peace of mind as a business that we are doing things correctly,” say Benoit. With Skedulo, ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver now has a tool in place that can easily be configured to meet the business’ evolving needs.

“With Skedulo, you no longer have that trust gap with the information. So if you are going to change a schedule on the fly, or update a work order, you know it’s going to the mobile device. It saves a lot of time.”
David Benoit
Owner and President, ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver

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