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About Sports Kickstart

Sports Kickstart is a sports institute that trains children and adults in a positive and professional environment. Based in Sydney, Kickstart offers professional full-time coaches that specialize in soccer and baseball, while providing an enthusiastic environment for children to learn and develop. Sports Kickstart’s philosophy is built on the understanding that children love to have fun and enjoy excelling at what they enjoy doing while improving their confidence, future success, and momentum to build upon themselves.


Sports Kickstart was growing quicker than their processes could manage as there are very few sport institutes that can deliver the professional support that they can. Using spreadsheets, email, and text messaging to relay assignments became cumbersome as the team grew. This manual process was very time consuming, and Kickstart’s schedulers were spending too many hours confirming the details of who, what, and where for their programs than was reasonable. And with so many manual processes, their data had became unreliable and human error was unavoidable.

“When you have 50 sessions and 50 jobs a week, you can easily control it. Once it gets to 300-400 sessions per week you need to improve the structure. We needed something that was scalable, accurate, and easy to use.”
Diego Ros
General Manager Sports and Soccer

Re-Allocating People Hours Spent on Old Scheduling Proccesses

“We looked for a few options, but we needed something to integrate with Salesforce as it was our CRM. It needed to be quite customizable, but also have a general structure,” said Ros.

By adding Skedulo’s native solution to their Salesforce CRM, Sports Kickstart was able to leverage one platform to centralize their scheduling data and processes, and ultimately solve their number one problem of disparate, inaccurate communication. In just three months, Sports Kickstart implemented Skedulo, including the specialized configurations needed to map the solution to their nuanced business needs and ensure scalability. With a workforce and customer base dominated by tech savvy millennials, Kickstart was thoughtful about choosing a solution that met their expectations.

“Our business is growing since we started using Skedulo. We are seeing 15% growth year-over-year. We can continue to grow and it grows with us. Before using Skedulo, we were growing 7% to 9% year-over-year,”
Diego Ros
General Manager Sports and Soccer

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