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Where Food Comes From

No. of Mobile Employees
Inspections Per Year

Where Food Comes From coordinates a mobile workforce of independent inspectors who verify food quality and handling practices all over the nation. Their mission is to ensure that everyone interested in the quality of food—from growers and farmers to retailers and shoppers—is able to gain full visibility into the complex process of creating and transferring foods from farm to table.

The Challenge: Visibility and Uncertainty

The independent auditors contracting with Where Food Comes From are quite literally in the field as a mobile workforce. Getting information to them, receiving audits back from them, and even knowing where they are at any given point were all real challenges. The uncertainty slowed down operations and stretched out the billing process.

The Solution: Mobile Workforce Management

Leveraging Skedulo’s Mobile Workforce Management platform, integrated with their Salesforce CRM, made everything more transparent and virtually instantaneous. Every part of Where Food Comes From saw great results:

  • Auditors got the info they needed while the company’s sensitive data stayed protected.
  • Schedulers gained insights into workloads and resource utilization.
  • The finance department could start billing immediately at the conclusion of an audit, based on the work that was actually performed.
“Everyone can agree from our production team to finance to scheduling team that Skedulo has made their lives so much better and removed that heartburn they were having due to the manual scheduling and managing of the auditors in the field.”
Chris Sanchez
IT Director, Where Food Comes From

Results With Skedulo

The level shift in efficiency from start to finish has enabled Where Food Comes From to recognize revenue in tighter cycles and transition to a sustainable growth model. They are now using Skedulo for four sub-companies in other industries and rolling out plans for international expansion.

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