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The Global Frontline Experience Summit 2022

February 16 2022


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For leaders ready to make a difference at the frontline

Join thousands of leaders from people-powered businesses across Marketing, Customer Experience, Operations and HR. Learn how to level up your customer experience and empower your customer facing teams to deliver awesome service, every time.

Hear speakers from some of the most customer obsessed brands as they share their stories and playbooks: speaker list and agenda.

1. Learn why the current CX model doesn’t work for service businesses

Most service businesses aren’t doing enough to empower the people responsible for serving the customer. Learn what’s broken, and how to fix it.

2. Hear real-world examples from industry leaders

Frontline first companies will share how they win on customer experience through trusting, appreciating and supporting their customer facing teams.

3. Discover new tools and processes designed to fix the problem

Get familiar with the new breed of customer experience tools and processes, designed for frontline success.