Intelligent Healthcare Scheduling

With Skedulo, managing complex healthcare schedules for mobile providers is a breeze. Use Skedulo’s home care scheduling software and mobile app to manage home healthcare delivery: appointment scheduling, advanced analytics, and more!



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Skedulo works best for companies with more than 50 mobile workers.

Over 5 million on-time appointments for companies like

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Match the right provider 
to the right patient
The Skedulo healthcare scheduling engine automatically takes important factors into account, including the provider’s qualifications, experience, and patient history.
Eliminate missed appointments
Skedulo manages patient and provider schedules and locations in one system and delivers appointment details and 
updates directly to caregivers’ phones so every visit is on time and successful.
Reduce travel time and reimbursements
Skedulo automatically finds the best route between appointments so your healthcare providers spend less time on the road and more time with patients.
Increase efficiency and reduce costs
Use caregivers’ time more efficiently to serve more patients while reducing costs from paperwork, missed visits, and manual errors.

Grow your home healthcare patient base

Grow your patient base and revenue when caregivers become more efficient on the road and during the visit. Skedulo makes appointments faster when caregivers spend less time filling out paperwork or searching for patient details. Increase caregiver efficiency and utilization to serve more patients without growing headcount.


Increase patient satisfaction

59% of patients say the provider-patient relationship and caregivers’ personalities are critical to satisfaction with service. Skedulo makes it easy to match patients with someone they know and like, or who has had success with similar patients. With Skedulo’s mobile app, caregivers arrive on-time and prepared with all the important appointment information and patient history.

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Reduce costs with intelligent healthcare scheduling

With Skedulo, you find and dispatch the right people for the job quickly, without the headaches of spreadsheets, email and paper schedules. Skedulo is flexible enough to handle a broad range of mobile work, including sales, repair, maintenance, inspections, deliveries, and much more.

Simple forms for mobile caregivers

Mobile caregivers can complete paperwork and appointment notes easily—even with dictation—in the Skedulo mobile app. Skedulo’s simple user interface and custom forms support fast and easy mobile charting.


Real-time accountability

Support mobile caregivers and track their progress in real-time with Skedulo. The Skedulo mobile app connects the office to the field with real-time location tracking, status updates on appointments, and notifications of changes in schedules. It even works offline!

Job status timeline
Skedulo MasterMind

Automate scheduling with Skedulo MasterMind

Skedulo MasterMind uses a powerful rules engine to make scheduling smarter.

Optimize scheduling

Schedulers have an intelligent toolset to balance complex scheduling requirements based on the needs of customers, the business, and the deskless workforce.

Reduce travel time

Schedule smarter with recommendations to reduce travel time, cluster appointments by proximity, or speed up job completion.

Schedule jobs automatically

Jobs can be scheduled automatically, controlled by your constraints and business logic. Increase your scheduling team’s capacity and productivity with intelligent automation.

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Automatic scheduling & schedule automation

Connected, HIPAA-compliant platform

Because the Skedulo mobile app is HIPAA-compliant, your providers remain informed while keeping your patient information secure. Skedulo is native to Salesforce and can integrate with other systems our Lens API, so your data is connected to all your business critical systems.


Integrate Skedulo with your enterprise tech stack

Create a seamless enterprise tech stack across your business with Skedulo as your system of record for mobile work. Optimize how your teams and customers spend their time with you to reduce costs, increase engagement and retention, and unlock growth with an integrated tech stack

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  • Manage patient availability
  • Intelligent appointment scheduling
  • Match patients and preferred caregivers
  • Mobile app with support for charting/notes
  • Optimized routing
  • Real-time updates to providers in the field
  • Android and iOS parity
  • Salesforce native
  • HIPAA compliant
  • API integration to other systems

What our customers are saying

“Beyond Skedulo’s proven leadership in managing mobile workforces, the people are fantastic. We’ve had great experiences working with the company building a solid partnership that we know is going to serve us for quite a while into the future.”
Jeff Hallett
VP of Product Management
“Skedulo provided a way to automate scheduling and seamlessly interact with workers in the field, while remaining HIPAA-compliant. We were shocked to see the effect Skedulo had in enabling us to do more with less. These benefits extended beyond just our mobile workforce. We saw greater efficiency in our back-office operations, invoicing, and sales.”
Greg Pino
VP Operations & Sales
“With Skedulo, we have much more timely and accurate data about our practitioners and the time they spend in the field. We can ensure our contractual demands are met while also reducing revenue leakage. In addition, Skedulo’s tight integration with Salesforce has supported our move to a single platform for all of our data and applications.”
Mark Kulinski
Salesforce Development Lead

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