AskNicely is the #1 Rated Customer Experience Platform for Frontline Teams.
Measuring customer experience isn’t hard, but improving it is. To win, you need your entire team focused and motivated to make every customer experience awesome.

It's not easy. For people powered businesses, it means hundreds or thousands of frontline employees delivering their best, every day, for every customer.

AskNicely is the world's first customer experience coach that fits in your pocket. Imagine a frontline staff member knowing how well they're delivering for each customer they serve and getting recognition or coaching in the moment to motivate performance for the next customer - all from their phone. Now copy and paste that picture across your entire frontline workforce and see them smile, just like your customers will.

1. Instantly visualize the impact of customer experience on key growth metrics (repeat purchases, referrals,spend) across locations, teams and even individual employees.

2. Use real customer feedback to identify what your top performers do differently and the specific actions that will close the gap

3. Quickly understand where to give praise and where to coach for improvement. Ensure each frontline line employee is focused on the right issue every day.

4. In a single glance, every worker can see their own customer experience score, recognition, shoutouts and areas to improve. All on their phone.

1. Define and publish their service standards

2. Track, share, and act on feedback

3. Empower and reward their frontline employees

4. Provide personalized coaching to increase training effectiveness

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