Auto Offer

Automatically send job alerts to your workforce.
The Auto Offer extension allows scheduling administrators to automatically send job offers to their workforce. The Auto Offer extension can be configured at the job level or globally via the Auto Offer settings connected page.

This extension improves the efficiency and saves scheduler time by removing the scheduling burden off them. The software ensures optimal resources are offered the job by matching Tags, Availability, and Regions. Without this extension, it is only possible to send offers through manual intervention and can not be automatically sent.

1. Configurations can be set at the job level or globally

2. Customize the date/time offers are automatically sent out

3. Ability to refine your pool of resources

1. When organizations primarily have a contracted/volunteer workforce and want to quickly fill job opportunities

2. A scheduling administrator receives a last minute job opportunity that needs urgent attention

App Details
Skedulo Pulse, Salesforce
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Customer Success Manager