Contactless Signature

Capture client signature via SMS message.
The Contactless Signature extension allows clients to sign off on a completed job through an SMS message. After a job is completed, the resource uses the Skedulo mobile app to deploy an SMS message that contains a link to a signing webpage. The webpage prompts the client to electronically sign-off on the completed job. Signing pages can be customized and branded for your entity. The electronic signature is then quickly synched into Skedulo software and can be accessed through the mobile application and platform web application.

1. Custom branded signing pages

2. Custom SMS notification messages

3. Fast synchronization between Skedulo ecosystem

1. A client requests a signature option that does not entail close contact with the person performing the job

2. A resource forgot to obtain the signature from its client using his/her device

3. The entity would like to brand its signing page

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