Incident Report Form

Quickly report job-related incidents.
The Incident Report Form extension allows resources to quickly report a work-related incident using the Skedulo Mobile Application. The mobile form has several fill-in-the blank sections to completely capture the incident at hand. The sections within the form include a list of the people associated with the incident, incident description, and the option to upload images surrounding the incident. Once submitted, administrators will be able to see all the information on the platform web application and take appropriate action.

1. Incident timestamp

2. Tag resources associated with the incident

3. Incident Questionnaire

4. Upload images or supporting documentation

1. An onsite resource suffers an injury while performing job duties

2. An onsite resource accidentally damages client property while performing job duties

3. An onsite resource experiences mental health issues while performing job duties

4. An onsite resource experiences unforeseen circumstances that prevent them from completing their job duties. (i.e fire alarm, catastrophic emergency, disagreement)

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Skedulo Pulse, Salesforce
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Customer Success Manager