Timesheet Console

Expedites the creation, submission and approval of Timesheets.
The Timesheet Extension provides your workforce with a way to view, create, and submit timesheets through a custom form on the Skedulo mobile app. It allows you to create timesheets via manual entry or through our new “Auto Populate” feature. The “Auto Populate” feature consumes information from your Skedulo Calendar and automatically creates detailed timesheet entries for your workforce. This new automated process minimizes the need for manual entries; allowing your workforce to focus their time where it truly matters.

Scheduling Administrators will be able to process Timesheet submissions at a faster rate. Our Timesheet Web Application allows administrators to approve or reject multiple timesheets at the same time. Additionally, they have access to detailed analytics and diagrams about firm timesheets.

Web Application

1. Create, Edit, and Manage timesheets

2. Advanced filtering and sorting options

3. Detailed timesheet insights

4. Approve or reject multiple timesheets at once

Mobile Application

1. Automated timesheet creation & submission

2. Manual timesheet creation & submission

3. Detailed timesheet insights

1. A resource would like to quickly create timesheet entries that match their calendar schedule

2. A resource would like to create a manual timesheet entry for an activity not on their calendar

3. A resource would like to see summary insights of time logged

4. An administrator would like to approve or reject timesheets in bulk

5. An administrator would like to see detailed insights about the timesheets submitted

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Skedulo Pulse, Salesforce
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Customer Success Manager