Insights for Enterprise through Voice
VoiceBrain’s analytics platform turns group voice communication into actionable insights, using artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning. VoiceBrain's technology leverages current infrastructure (push-to-talk devices or centralized channels) to capture, transcribe, and analyze your voice data.

The results are insights and analytics that produce productivity gains, operational efficiencies, asset utilization, enhanced safety, improved security, risk mitigation and much more.

The process to setup the capturing of voice-group communication is frictionless, effortless and integrates immediately into your current communication environment.

ASR powered transcription alongside original audio, ensures visibility and clarity to all real-time communication.

Through client provided keywords or predictive modeling, specific communications can be isolated, analyzed and shared via dashboards, emails, and text.

VoiceBrain improves the information you have, and gives you the insights you need, to make the best possible decisions that impact your business.

By analyzing group voice data, VoiceBrain helps identify and escalate many mission critical events ranging from traditional field service needs to life threatening events. The deskless workforce relies on group voice communication to collaborate and execute work. Many key situations are communicated in real-time via voice.

As VoiceBrain analyzes this voice data the VoiceBrain platform will identify keywords such as “Issue”, “help”, “break fix”, “medical”, “work required”, robbery”, “active shooter” and an infinite number more, as they are spoken. When these keywords are spoken, our integration can create a job in Skedulo as well as escalate these events to those that can help. VoiceBrain can decrease response time to less than a second for many job types or needs, minimizing effects of a dire solution or when work is needed. Whether it is an active shooter, knife attacks, physical altercations, or broken machinery that causes productivity issues, VoiceBrain can help.

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