Our CEO, Matt Fairhurst, was recently featured on HR Technologist discussing his views on, “How Home Services Providers Can Manage A Scaling Mobile Workforce.”

This article explores how home service companies’ HR teams and dispatchers can use AI-powered technology like, intelligent scheduling and improved clearness to revitalize this space and achieve that 5-star customer service rating that we all expect.

“Makeshift solutions — such as an Excel spreadsheet and free calendars — may work when a home services business oversees a group of only a few mobile workers. But once it scales to a larger team, traditional solutions become untenable, and logistics start to fall apart. Appointments fall through the cracks, and workers arrive on the job without any background on the customer’s needs. When your mobile home service workers aren’t fully empowered, the customer experience suffers, writes Matt Fairhurst.”

To learn more about empowering your mobile and deskless workers to provide the best customer experience, read the full article here.