Today we are excited to announce something we’ve been hard at work on for months: a significant expansion of our product offering. That’s right, in case you missed it, today we unveiled a new, independent version of the platform. This news expands our offering beyond native solutions to Salesforce and ServiceNow, meaning we can now help companies with mobile workforce management needs outside of those ecosystems.

Although integration and strong partnerships with Salesforce and ServiceNow continue to be an important part of our strategy – and an equally important aspect of the success of our customers – we are equally excited to expand and be able to transform the customer experience through enhanced scheduling and mobile work for more companies. This is an exciting first for us – Skedulo can now empower any business to intelligently manage every detail of their increasingly complex and rapidly growing workforces. Mid-market and enterprise businesses can now:

  • Easily and intelligently manage all the details about your mobile workforce, including individuals’ profiles, skills, certifications, territories, and locations;
  • Use business logic and automation to match the best qualified among available workers to jobs and shifts, including regularly or irregularly recurring schedules;
  • Use Skedulo’s recommendation and optimization engine, Mastermind, to intelligently balance complex schedules against multiple business priorities, including reducing costs and inefficiencies while increasing customer and worker satisfaction;
  • Dispatch schedules and updates to smartphones via SMS or notification;
  • Provide in the moment guidance and support to mobile workers as they interface with customers on-site, even when offline; and,
  • Seamlessly connect their mobile workforce management platform to any CRM or ERP.

Today Skedulo is revolutionizing mobile workforce management, but our superior technology and platform approach has the potential to transform the way every company works. Skedulo is turning customer service into customer satisfaction. Here’s to many more developments and milestones to come!