Skedulo has been featured in CIOReview magazine as the publication explores the challenges businesses face managing their mobile workforce operations.

“There is a requirement of a robust tool that can empower mobile employees to deliver the best customer service in every customer interaction,” writes CIOReview. “Traditional field services are not designed for these purposes and are intended only for the workflows that are centered around the complex machinery.”

Skedulo offers a powerful alternative for businesses who do not fit the field service management mold. Skedulo takes the variable skills, both human and technical, that make up your workforce so you can manage them against the needs of your customers. Skedulo was architected to be flexible because we understand that no two businesses manage scheduling, work in the field, and the back office in the same way. We are also a people-driven solution that puts user experience at the center of product development.

“We want our client’s employees to open our app with the same level of excitement as they would open apps like Instagram and Twitter,” says Matt Fairhurst, CEO of Skedulo.

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