APAC CIO Outlook recently recognized Skedulo’s native integration with Salesforce, naming Skedulo as a Top 25 Salesforce Solution Provider in its special Salesforce edition.

The list highlights companies that, from a CEO and CIO perspective, offer “groundbreaking solutions to businesses to achieve transformative results and next level outcomes” in partnership with Salesforce.

The APAC CIO Outlook editorial team noted that the global market for field service management will be a $4.45 billion industry by 2022. Field service—which traditionally referred to utilities, telecom, or manufacturing, where complex machinery is used in the field for days or weeks at a time—has evolved to include  more lines of work. This trend toward mobile work–meaning any work that takes place outside the office–has opened up opportunities for companies that provide any type of on-site services, including installations, repairs, trade work, training, or support.

“For these mobile workforce industries, managing their mobile workforce is a manual task that involved missed appointments, the wrong mobile employee showing up to complete the job, no visibility into what’s happening in the field, no way to easily collect data and send to the back office, thus resulting in frustrated customers and increased operating costs,” according to the APAC CIO Outlook article.

Enter Skedulo.

Skedulo’s seamless integrations with Salesforce and ServiceNow “help in gaining real, valuable insights into field operations and performance to improve managerial and scheduling decisions,” according to APAC CIO Outlook,

The publication cited several other key benefits that set Skedulo apart, including:

  • A robust mobile app that delivers information to employees in the field
  • Increased efficiency for clients on the Skedulo platform
  • HIPAA-compliant scheduling for healthcare organizations
  • Instant integration of field data (eliminating the need for manual data entry)
  • Real-time interaction between workers, managers, and their CRM
  • Intelligent work assignments based on skill sets, qualifications, and proximity to the job

APAC CIO Outlook also noted Skedulo’s solution for HealthStrong as an example of how Skedulo can benefit the mobile workforce.

“Adoption of the [Skedulo] platform helped HealthStrong achieve a string of benefits. The robustness of Skedulo mobile not only helped practitioners deliver the apt home care service at the right time, but also made management of appointments an effortless task,” according to the article. “A spike in business intelligence, a drastic reduction of appointment scheduling time, and an overall increase in work efficiency are the additional benefits gained by HealthStrong as a result of the implementation of Skedulo mobile.”

Skedulo CEO Matt Fairhurst noted the firm’s latest milestone—backing from a venture capital firm that will enable future research and development—and reiterated Skedulo’s commitment to the customer experience.

“We value customer feedback and insights, and in partnership with our customers recently revamped the user interface of our product to make the scheduler and mobile worker experience even smoother,” Fairhurst said.

Watch our demo to learn more about Skedulo and Salesforce for mobile workforce management.