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Faces of Skedulo: Cynthia Brock

People are the heart of Skedulo, and success – for us, our team and our customers –  is a collaborative effort. We are proud of our team’s acheivements and celebrate them every month with our Skegend Awards. A skegend is a team mate who has been nominated by their peers for consistently demonstrating excellence in our values:


In this series, we share the personal stories of our valued Skegends who work on the frontline and behind the scenes to help make Skedulo a success.

Cynthia Brock, Senior Account Executive, based in Boston | Skedgend Award Winner, February 2021


How long have you been with Skedulo?

I started in February 2020, so just over a year now.  

Why did you choose to work with Skedulo?

I decided to work at Skedulo because of Wendy Kinney. Wendy and I have worked together for about 12 years, and in that time we’ve been peers and I’ve also worked in her team. 

As a leader, she’s someone who has the ability to build a virtual team that truly feels like a team which I think is very difficult to do. I trust her, and when she told me about Skedulo and what she believed was possible, it seemed really exciting. 

For me, it was about the people when I decided to come here and it was a really good decision. 

What’s your favorite thing about your role with Skedulo?

That every day is different. Even though I’m not travelling anymore, it’s different in a way that I’m really enjoying. Learning a new job and a new product for the first 12 months obviously made every day different. But as we’ve progressed, it’s about getting to know the prospects and their business problems, and thinking about the different ways we can solve them. 

As we moved into high capacity scheduling, it was an entirely different type of project. And the clients – as we started working with the public sector – were completely different to work with. So being able to think through those different scenarios and understand those different problems is incredibly exciting. 

I also have 2 amazing co-workers who make my day so much brighter. 


Have you ever nominated someone for the Skedgend Award and why?

I have, and that person is just an incredible team player. He seems unassuming and quiet, but he’s the first person to dive in when there’s a problem to solve. 

No matter what question I go to him with, he’s always there to think things through and figure out a solution. That person is Mike Krillich, our sales operations lead and he allows me to do my job better. 

What does winning the Skedgend Award mean to you?

It was very surprising. I view the vaccinations work, which is what surrounded the nomination, to be something I’m doing as part of a team. So when your teammates call you out and say incredibly nice things, it’s humbling and surprising. 

It made me feel very proud of the work we’re doing, and appreciative of the folks I’m doing it with. 

What stories supported your win for the Skedgend Award?

The stories were all around the vaccination initiative. They talked to the fact that it is about the team but someone has to be the quarterback. My quarterback of choice is Tom Brady, so I’ll decide to be him! 

But it wasn’t easy for us to get chosen because we’re competing with global leaders – big companies that everyone expects to be so good at what we do at Skedulo. 

Then suddenly, here comes Skedulo and we’re the only ones who can scale and really make it happen. So the stories were around playing as part of that team to make sure we’re understood and known in the market, while working together to set up the teams to deliver really successfully. 

What company value did you win the Skedgend award for?

There were a couple: fearless together and boldly innovative. Both of which I’m very proud to have as attributes that people would recognise. 

This is because for us to win, we had to be really innovative and incredibly fearless so I felt they were super appropriate. 

What Skedgend values do you feel you embody most?

I think I would have liked to get a little more no shenanigans. First because I like to say it! Second because, as we have gone through this process, one of the things we’ve had to do is buckle down and focus on the work that needs to get done.

There truly isn’t time for shenanigans and I’ve tried to make sure that in the work I’m doing, and the time I take with our teams, that I use it well and respect it – and there are absolutely no shenanigans!

What motivates you to work hard?

By nature, I’m incredibly competitive. I like to win, but I hate to lose more. I am always challenging myself and am intrinsically motivated in that way. 

Also, I think the work we’re doing is really important. When California came out and did the first run through of what’s been happening with MyTurn, it was really cool when their CIO said, “We vaccinated a million people in the state of California which means we’ve saved a million lives.” 

The fact that I get to be part of something that means so much to so many people; I find that incredibly motivating. 

What is your proudest accomplishment at Skedulo?

Probably working on the vaccine opportunities. From a sales perspective it’s really incredible going into deals knowing it’s you versus global leaders, and then to come out as the selected vendor. From a sales perspective, being able to win in those instances is very rewarding. 

The other piece that’s very rewarding is being able to do it with a team of people. I’m very proud and happy that even though I started just as COVID did, I’ve been able to work with an incredible group of people and get to know them. That’s so hard when everyone is virtual, so I’m really appreciative of the time people have taken to make sure I understand the product or am prepared for meetings. I’m grateful for all those things, and I’m really proud people were willing to take their time to help me in that way. 

What are you most excited about in 2021?

I’m most excited to see where we’re going to go. With all the work that’s happening with high capacity scheduling, it has opened the doors for us. 

So many people now know who Skedulo is and what we’re doing. For the state of California, we’re definitely scheduling people to go get their vaccines. But we’re also managing all of their volunteers with our core product. So as we’re working across different states and with different groups, we’re actually making this happen. 

I think it will open a lot of doors for us in the public sector, as well as across organizations that otherwise may never have thought to talk to Skedulo if they had something within their business where scheduling is required.