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Giving Back to the Community in Vietnam

As a global organization with diverse backgrounds, it’s important to highlight what we stand for. With teams in Brisbane, London, Sydney, San Francisco, and Ho Chi Minh city, retaining a consistent workplace culture whilst adding new team members is vital to our wellbeing.

At Skedulo we pride ourselves on following our five guiding principles:

  1. No B.S.
    Be open and honest within the company and with customers.
  2. Customer first.
    Customer are the lifeblood of our company.  Without their success we wouldn’t exist. Treat them wonderfully.
  3. Design and build great product.
    We believe that design and quality user experience trumps all else when it comes to adoption of our technology.  Build products that are useful, well-informed, and connected.
  4. Care for one another.
    We’re a big global family from diverse backgrounds. Treat each other with kindness and generosity. Give back to those that need it most.
  5. Be unapologetically better at doing better – but do it while laughing!
    We build serious products that solve serious problems without taking ourselves too seriously at work.

‘Care for one another’ in particular, is an important principal of ours, being a global organization with diverse backgrounds. On Saturday 19th May, the Skedulo Vietnam team volunteered their time and efforts to assist those in need in the city of Ho Chi Minh.

The team arrived at Huynh Đệ Như Nghĩa; sister Dung welcomed the team to the shelter that supports those with vision impairments in Vietnam. With the support and effort from this shelter, these children are able to live a prosperous life with some even competing in the ASEAN Paralympic Games.

The Skedulo team continued to Dieu Phap Pagoda, where they provided food and support to the elderly without shelter. Old age and without family, the elderly live under the same roof and take care of one another.

The final destination of their journey was the Dieu Giac Pagoda, a Vietnamese orphanage. The children were bright-eyed with big smiles as the team distributed gifts and support.

It is with a heavy heart that our Skedulo Vietnamese team bid farewell to these incredible shelters and associations supporting those in need. The team were happy to spend a meaningful day working together toward a good cause for the community and look forward to the next opportunity.