The Customer Experience and the Future of Work

How the Customer Experience Can Impact Your Business

Leading B2C service providers such as Amazon and Netflix have changed the landscape of the customer experience for everyone, even B2B companies.

Smart companies are leaning into this shift toward customer experience. They’re using technology to meet the heightened expectations across their business, from how to deliver your products and services, to how to manage and enable your mobile workforce.

The Customer Experience Is Driving Trends

Businesses need to adapt to how the customer experience is reshaping the business world. Speaker Matt Fairhurst, co-founder and CEO of Skedulo, will discuss what businesses can do to thrive.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

1) The Effects of B2C Technology

How B2C technologies have impacted customer expectations permanently

2) The Strategy Behind Customer Service

Why excellent customer service is a strategic imperative, not a “nice to have”

3) Modern Employee Retention

What to do to retain employees and contractors in the age of the “gig” economy

4) Mobile Employee Management

Which tactics for managing mobile employees actually improve your customers’ journey


Matt Fairhurst

CEO of Skedulo

Matt Fairhurst is the co-founder and CEO of Skedulo, the leader in intelligent mobile workforce management. He is driven by the possibilities technology creates for the ever-growing mobile workforce. Through Skedulo, Matt seeks to improve the work lives of service employees so their days are more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

Watch now to learn how you can help your business survive and thrive in these changing times!