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Digital Transformation 2.0: Equipping Your Business For a Next Generation Workforce

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Digital transformation: by choice or necessity?

Digital transformation may be the biggest buzzword of recent years. But, it could also be the single most important endeavor your business undertakes. 

While a transformation means different things to different organizations, evolution is vital to keeping pace with industry leaders and innovative startups in a rapidly growing marketplace. 

In recent times, not all digital transformation efforts have been planned. COVID-19 left many businesses in a life or death situation, requiring urgent upgrades simply to remain operational. 

Moving forward, success in this new digital age will require foresight and careful planning—with a deep understanding of what the future of work will look like in the new digital age (“industrial revolution 4.0”). 

Understanding your workforce

In 2020, the race was on to deploy smart technologies that would enable remote working for a predominantly desk-based workforce. 

However, the desk-based workforce is progressively being replaced by an expanding deskless workforce—comprised of mobile and shift workers who “hot desk”, move between various sites, and deliver services in the field. 

The next phase of digital transformation must cater to the needs of these deskless workers. It must also consider the requirement for transparency and oversight of a highly mobile workforce, where seeing a person sitting at their desk is no longer an effective way to measure productivity.  

Assess your workforce:

  • What percentage of workers in your organization is deskless?
  • Do you expect this number to increase?
  • What are their technology needs?
  • What level of oversight do you have of their capacity and movements?
  • What may be holding them back from being more productive?

80% of the global workforce and growing

Our research tells us that the deskless workforce is the fastest growing workforce in the world, now comprising 80% of all workers. 

Yet, many technologies are designed solely with desk-based workers in mind. They rely on the use of laptops or monitors, and may not factor in the mobile and security requirements of people who spend their days operating across multiple locations.

In our report, Solving the Software Gap for the Growing Community of Deskless Workers, 96% of technology decision makers we surveyed predicted that their deskless workforce would stay the same or grow in the next 1 to 2 years. 

86% told us they would benefit from a dedicated technology platform focused on meeting the specific needs of their deskless workforce, and the majority said boosting productivity was the main goal for implementing technology designed for deskless workers. 

Deskless workers are the face of your business

A key reason for implementing technology that is engineered to support deskless workers is customer experience. 

While initial digital transformation efforts may have focused on ensuring service delivery or driving efficiencies to reduce costs, the value of customer experience cannot be underestimated. 

Customers are the lifeblood of your business and their engagement, loyalty and opinions matter more now than ever before. 

As the face on the frontline who is talking to and engaging with your customers every day, your deskless workforce must be fully equipped to provide the best possible customer experience.

To do this, the next phase of your digital transformation must include systems that empower frontline workers to reach their full potential.

The trouble with legacy systems in managing a next generation workforce

Some organizations believe legacy methods—such as spreadsheets, emails and phone calls—are sufficient for managing a deskless workforce. And while this may be true for a small operation, these methods are simply unsustainable for a growing enterprise. 

The same applies to aging proprietary software that is clunky and difficult to extend. Managing a next generation mobile workforce requires agile technology that can be configured and extended to meet the specific needs of your organization and its people. This includes the ability to integrate with other new systems that form part of your greater digital transformation strategy. 

Leveraging best of breed technology that has been purpose-built to drive efficiencies in specific areas, and is able to integrate with other best of breed technologies, is an astute strategy that could position your business well ahead of its competitors.  

Digital transformation + data transformation

There is a complementary transformation happening within business worldwide alongside digital, and that’s the rising dominance of data. 

As digital capabilities improve to enable greater capture and storage of operational and sales figures, the race is on to turn these datasets into valuable business insights that take informed decision making to new heights. 

This is where the power of new technologies can really shine over legacy methods such as spreadsheets and archaic platforms. Data capture and analytics is a key component of cloud-based systems, where capabilities are pre-built into the software and form a central component of the service on offer.

No longer do you require countless man-hours to sift through disparate datasets, trying to make sense of the numbers. New platforms do the hack work for you: serving up crystal clear insights that make reporting, reviews and compliance easy. 

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning offer infinite possibilities as we move from the industrial revolution of the 18th century through to the fourth industrial revolution in 2020 and beyond. 

As we seek to leverage robotics in new and unimagined ways, artificial intelligence offers unprecedented opportunities for solving age-old business challenges. 

Leading global enterprises are rapidly building out their “second workforce” of AI, which operates behind the scenes and frees up human workers to do what humans do best: talk, relate, analyze and imagine. 

By handing over manual and repetitive tasks to AI, we get back the one thing money can’t buy: time.

New technology changes how people perceive your business

As industries battle to attract and retain skilled workers, gaining confidence in your company’s ability to survive the digital revolution is crucial. 

During COVID, we surveyed over 1,300 employees to find out what sentiment was like at the frontline of organizations in a variety of sectors. 

We found that investment in technology not only helped employees perform better and more efficiently—it also made them more optimistic about the future of their job at the company. 

As we move towards a post-COVID world, smart technologies will go a long way towards building an enviable employer brand that effectively meets the needs of a next generation workforce. 

Where to begin

Following the events of 2020, your organization has likely made huge strides with its digital transformation. But to remain competitive, it’s vital to stay vigilant and plan ahead for success. 

Digital transformation 2.0 is about identifying where you are now, and whether you have what it takes to provide an experience the next generation of workers and customers expect—before leveraging technology to help close the gap and pave the way for an array of other benefits such as:

  • Higher productivity
  • Less resource wastage
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Data for informed decision making

As a deskless productivity platform, Skedulo has been purpose-built to help you achieve exactly this.

Skedulo: the future of mobile workforce management

Imagine being able to deploy a single platform that addresses your biggest business challenges—from efficiently managing your expanding mobile workforce, to exceeding customer expectations. 

Here are 5 ways Skedulo empowers your business to do this:

1. Smart scheduling with complete oversight of your mobile workforce
  • A single source of truth for your entire mobile workforce
  • Intelligent and proactive scheduling for shifts and field work
  • AI-driven to minimize scheduler time and effort 
2. Real time communication for fully equipped frontline staff
  • Foresight of their schedules for better planning
  • Customer notes in their pocket
  • Digital records to reduce paperwork
  • Centralized, real time messaging and updates
3. Self-service capabilities to delight customers
  • Self-service appointment scheduling and re-scheduling
  • In-person and virtual meetings
  • Appointment reminders
  • Individual confirmation or QR codes
4. Data on demand
  • Track resources and equipment
  • Spot gaps in productivity and scheduling
  • See where workers are at any time
  • View travel times and other key data
5. Easy integration with other best of breed technologies
  • Configurable with almost any cloud-based application
  • Established partnerships with other leading platforms
  • Extend Skedulo as you scale and integrate new technologies

A breeze for your IT department

One of the major barriers to the adoption of new technologies is the perception that it is costly, stressful, and time consuming. 

Skedulo has been engineered to remove these barriers, as well as many of the headaches IT teams deal with when they don’t have effective mobile workforce management software. 

This includes:

  1. Rapid deployment—in just weeks not months
  2. Custom configurations—so the platform meets your specific needs
  3. Ongoing support—training and access to your own Customer Success Manager
  4. Fast modifications—respond to operational or compliance changes
  5. Enhanced security—reduce the risks associated with a highly mobile workforce

We take pride in our zero-trust approach to mobile workforce management, with in-built security features that have been designed with the deskless worker in mind.

Are you ready for digital transformation 2.0?

Your business is poised on the precipice of an exciting new era. One where we can finally say goodbye to cumbersome processes and empower our people to achieve the productivity, efficiency, and level of customer service they aspire to. 

At Skedulo, we are proud to be leading the way by delivering a user friendly, cloud-based platform designed to elevate and support your deskless workforce. 

Since 2013 we have formed lasting relationships with customers in countries across the world. Our dedication to our customers (you) is evident in the continual evolution of the platform to align with years of feedback from the C-suite through to the frontline.

We value the partnerships we create with industry and thought leaders alike, and look forward to sharing with you:

  • How your peers are using Skedulo to achieve business goals
  • How Skedulo can address your mobile workforce challenges
  • Why Skedulo is the perfect way to launch your digital transformation 2.0

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Digital Transformation 2.0: Equipping Your Business For a Next Generation Workforce

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What our customers say

“Skedulo helps us build the culture we’re working towards: more transparency and empowerment for our people in the field. It is a game changer. It amazes me that other companies can have 60 trucks on the road and no technology to manage their people—they’re still using spreadsheets and paper work orders. It’s so much less productive.”
Slavko, Operations Manager
ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver
“With Skedulo we can see the swim length so it’s clear what times are available, when our cleaners are available, and what days we have everything locked in. It’s much more harmonious for everyone. It’s like having 10 more people working for us.”
Ashley, Operations Manager
“Skedulo allows me to focus on my patients because I’m not worried about getting back to my computer to check emails.”
Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare
“Skedulo is so simple to use; I accept the job and can literally get in the car, hit go, and it will connect me to the navigation system and take me straight to the patient’s location.”
Dr. Semiya
“We were losing 20-30k a year in dispatching double bookings alone. Now if a dispatcher tries to enter the same job twice, the system flags it. Skedulo helps us see our mistakes before they happen.”
Anthony, Director of Field Operations
Bay Area Traffic Solutions
“If a job changes, I update it in Skedulo and it instantly pops up on the driver’s phone. When we’re on our way the app lets the customer know and gives them an ETA. And when you complete a job, Skedulo sends an automatic email receipt to the customer. This saves our drivers up to 10 minutes for every pickup, which really adds up when you have lots of pickups in a day.”
Furniture Bank

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