Emerging Trends in Mobile Workforce Management

As technology evolves, we investigate the trends that are having the most impact on the mobile workforce.


Dive into the dynamic landscape of the deskless workforce with our recent webinar hosted by Phil Cook.

In this insightful session, we explore the pivotal challenges influencing the deskless workforce in 2023. From the surge in turnover and absenteeism to the persistent labor shortages, the growing complexity of scheduling, and the need for enhanced enablement and technology—every facet is scrutinized.

Join us on this journey as we unravel the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence on the evolving nature of work for deskless teams. Stay informed and empowered in the face of these pressing workforce trends.

Survey insights from the live webinar

During the webinar, we engaged our audience in critical discussions, asking them to pinpoint the most impactful trends affecting their businesses today. The consensus?

  1. Talent shortages, inflationary margin pressure, and shifting worker expectations emerged as the leading concerns.
  2. When it comes to operational challenges, our audience spoke loud and clear—technology’s primary role should be addressing manual administrative tasks, with an overwhelming majority expressing this sentiment.
  3. When delving into the realm of artificial intelligence, only 3% of respondents revealed that they have implemented AI in their operations, highlighting a fascinating disparity between the buzz surrounding AI and its actual integration in the sector.

Stay tuned as we dissect these findings and explore strategies to navigate these pivotal challenges in upcoming blog posts.


Phil Cook, Regional Sales Director, Skedulo