The Buyer's Guide to Mobile Workforce Management

More than 2.7 billion people worldwide are deskless workers, comprising 80 percent of the total global workforce across almost every industry sector and segment. Managing deskless, mobile employees, contractors, and the work they do for your business is uniquely challenging — you need to know real-time who is doing work for you and where they are in the field, and then be able to pair that information with customer needs and expectations to make optimal decisions.

The purpose of this guide is to help you better understand the tools that are available to solve your mobile workforce management challenges. In this guide, you will learn what is critical for overseeing enterprise-class deskless worker management, scheduling and job matching, and mobile work execution. Traditional solutions to schedule and manage work outside the office lack power and flexibility to fit the new ways people and businesses operate. The mobile workforce management (MWM) solution you select must be flexible enough to solve the pains you have today and be built for the future of work so it can grow with your business as you evolve.

Some key topics covered:

  • Pains solved by mobile workforce management
  • Untrustworthy data in disconnected systems and why it matters
  • Prerequisites of a mobile workforce management solution
  • Pillars of capability for mobile workforce management
  • Company, support, and ROI
  • Implementation, change management, and support