How to Improve Caregiver Satisfaction and Retention with Mobile Technology


Webinar Panel Explores Role of Technology in Retaining Mobile Home Healthcare Workers

Employee retention is a huge issue in home healthcare, an industry that struggles with chronic turnover among its mobile workers. In fact, the industry’s turnover rate in 2020 was above 65%, according to an annual survey from Home Care Pulse. Can implementing technology play a role in improving employee satisfaction? How does it aid in the transition to new value-based reimbursement models? And what kinds of strategies are organizations using to boost satisfaction among their mobile caregivers? 

Those were among the questions addressed in a recent 45-minute webinar Skedulo sponsored with Home Health Care News, “How to improve caregiver satisfaction and retention with mobile technology,” which we offer here for on-demand viewing. 

Home Health Care News Editor Bob Holly moderated the discussion among the panelists:

  • James Powell, MD, CEO, Long Island Select Healthcare
  • Kelley Smith, RN, MPH, Chief Clinical Officer, Envision Health
  • Rachel Disselkamp, Director of Healthcare Vertical, Skedulo

The discussion ranged from the importance of flexibility in scheduling home caregivers, to potential pitfalls of technology in home healthcare and how visit schedule data can be mined for warning signs of worker dissatisfaction. 

“If you’ve got a lot of senior clinicians and RNs doing a lot of LPN or CNA kind of work, it starts to grind on them, because they’re feeling like we’re not performing at the top of our license, and it leads them to disengage and look elsewhere,” Disselkamp said. “So you can look at the schedule to see what type of work individuals are doing, and link that back to their satisfaction scores. They’re your retention metrics because culturally, many of us see schedule is just a necessary part of the work, but it really can be a goldmine for insights into strategic business questions.”

Watch the webinar in the video player above. 

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