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COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling & Administration software

Skedulo's appointment booking software enables public and private health organizations, including pharmacies, to manage the complexities associated with vaccination or immunization scheduling, as well as multiple doses/booster shots and concurrent scheduling.
COVID-19 Vaccination Administration Scheduling Software

Efficiently manage vaccination administration, including booster shots, appointment schedules, and vaccination or immunization sites

With fast, no-contact scheduling and easy appointment booking for high capacity, Skedulo can be deployed rapidly at a county, state, or national level to allow for the safe reopening of economies.
Schedule based on Capacity
Validate Vaccination eligibility
Control & triage lines/queues, overbooking and arrival times
Monitor capacity
Schedule appointments at nearby locations based on site capacity (including available Vaccine doses)
Staff Safety
Keep recipients and staff safe with no-contact patient check-in

Enable multi-site vaccination appointment
scheduling and self-scheduling

High-volume vaccine or immunization sites are prone to long wait times and disorganization. Skedulo’s self-service scheduling interface streamlines operations streamlines operations for vaccine recipients based on location and vaccine availability.

Scheduling time windows that are matched to demand make it easier to plan and manage site throughput and capacity at the local level.

Analyze vaccine administration site capacity and customer demand

Gain access to key data insights across multiple vaccination centers

Access critical data points, including metrics on appointments executed, upcoming appointment count, and more to drive strategic decisions. Download the data directly to manipulate in your own business intelligence reporting suite or partner with Skedulo or your System Integrator to build custom reporting capabilities.

Ensure Vaccine Eligibility

Validate patient information in advance of scheduling

Skedulo’s software offers an option for a configurable survey, which ensures that patients are being appropriately screened prior to scheduling the appointment.

Automated communication

Provide crystal clear appointment details, reminders and instructions

Patients can review appointment details and schedule a follow-up appointment for the second dose, if needed. Skedulo’s intelligent engine includes logic to ensure the correct waiting period between appointments.

Operating Safety & Check-in

Ensure fast and safe vaccine recipient check-in

On-site mobile check-in processes ensure staff safety and efficiency by monitoring accuracy of arrival time and tracking. Properly adhere to physical distancing protocol during check-in operations by referencing contactless entry and barcode scanning.

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