5 things frontline workers want you to do before you go in to get tested or vaccinated

2020 has been a year of learning for the world and for me personally. Part of my role adapted early on in the year, and I was the first point of contact for most of the people who reached out to us looking for help around scheduling for their COVID-19 and rapid testing locations. Across the hundreds of conversations I’ve had, as well as multiple COVID-19 tests I’ve received myself, there have been consistent themes; and I’d like to take the opportunity to share them here for anyone thinking about getting tested or immunized for COVID-19. 

1. Ensure your eligibility to receive a COVID-19 test or vaccination

For both COVID-19 tests and vaccinations, it’s important to verify your eligibility. Before you select a location and time to schedule your appointment, you should see a survey that asks questions about your current health status – for example, “Do you have a cough?”, “Do you have a fever?”, “Have you traveled in the last 10 days?”, etc. 

Answering these questionnaires truthfully not only makes sure you are in the best state of health to receive a test or vaccination, but also ensures the safety of the staff members onsite. 

2. Schedule your appointment in advance

Many COVID-19 test and vaccination locations are extremely overcrowded, overwhelmed and overworked. The last thing they want is for you to turn up without an appointment. 

By scheduling your appointment in advance, you help these test and vaccination locations run most efficiently, so you’ll be in and out and on with your day. Not only that, but you’ll also be alleviating the stress on frontline workers and the locations they are staffing. 

Remember that most vaccinations will require multiple doses. If you do not schedule all of your vaccination appointments in the series at the same time, be sure to schedule those follow-up appointments following your first dose. 

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3. If you’re unable to attend your appointment, cancel or reschedule

Good on you for scheduling your test or vaccination appointment! Appointment time slots for COVID-19 tests and vaccinations are valuable and sometimes difficult to secure, if something comes up and you’re unable to show up for your slot, make that appointment available for another individual, and cancel or reschedule. 

4. Wear your PPE

Keeping ourselves and those around us safe is priority number one. When you are going to receive your COVID-19 test or vaccination, please be sure to wear your mask or any other required personal protective equipment required in the area or region which you live. 

5. Be ready for contactless check-in

When you arrive at the location for your COVID-19 test or vaccination, have your confirmation details at the ready, whether that’s a QR code to be scanned or a confirmation code to be read out to a staff member. Having this information ready to go will help keep things moving quickly  for the staff at a location, as well as the others that are receiving tests or vaccinations. 

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