California Selects Skedulo’s High Capacity Scheduling for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Today I listened to the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, describe Skedulo as “one of the more interesting startups here in California.” I am beyond thrilled to share that, with Salesforce and Accenture, Skedulo has been chosen as the high capacity scheduling system of choice for the State of California’s vaccine administration program. 

With the roll-out of this program, residents of California can visit to find out if they are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination and schedule their vaccination appointments. If a resident is not eligible at this time, they will be registered and will be notified when they become eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, and at that point can schedule their appointments. 

The team at Skedulo has been working day and night over the last 10 months to adapt our core mobile workforce management solution to fit COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration scenarios that have never‑before seen requirements around scale. This recent launch with California’s My Turn program, builds on our success with High Capacity Scheduling for COVID-19 Testing at BioReference Laboratories, who are using Skedulo to provide testing appointments for the NFL, NBA, Major League Soccer, the New York City Department of Education, and others. 

What still stands true, as it did in March when we started working with organizations around COVID-19 testing, is that our goal is to help and support the individuals and groups on the frontline battling this pandemic. And we are doing that in the best way we know how, with our technology. 

I am so proud of the Skedulo team, and with similar conversations currently taking place with additional states, provinces and countries around the scheduling of testing and vaccination appointments, I know that our work is not yet finished, and we will continue to be a partner, advocate, and champion for these public and private health organizations.