Case Study: To Successfully Meet Growing Demand, You Need the Right Solution Partner

I’m always amazed to see the creative methods clients used to manage their mobile workforce before they found Skedulo. The case of HealthStrong is a great example. This health care company was able to coordinate 50,000 advanced medical treatments all across the country, and they handled this daunting task with an Access database, a series of modified spreadsheets and schedulers with incredible memories.

However, HealthStrong could clearly see that this stopgap solution couldn’t last. The demand for health care services for older Australians is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Based on their research, the NHMRC forecasts that the combined number of planned residential facilities and home care services for the aged will grow by 159 percent through 2022 and then grow by 190 percent in the decades that follow. HealthStrong is in an excellent position to capture a significant portion of that market as long as they can maintain quality while majorly ramping up the quantity of their service calls under management.

In terms of its leadership and the capabilities of its multilingual healthcare practitioners, HealthStrong was fully prepared for rapid growth. The missing piece of the puzzle for them was the technology to hold it all together and scale up as rapidly as the demand. There was a hard limit to how much could be done with only memories and spreadsheets in the face of expanding complexity.

The other problem was that due to the incredibly detailed nature of aged care and the security requirements around patient information, an off-the-shelf solution would never work for them. HealthStrong recognized early on that the wrong mobile field management tool might end causing more trouble that having none at all. There was no time to wait, but they had to get it right the first time.

They decided that they had to bring in a field scheduling partner who was willing to work with them and craft the most effective solution. At Skedulo, we took the time to fully understand their industry and their current needs. Then we helped them plan for the rush of future growth in the mobile-allied healthcare service industry.

Download the full case study to get the inside story on how this healthcare giant solved the challenge of growing fast enough to meet demand by choosing the right technology partner.