Faces of Skedulo: Jason Stokes

People are the heart of Skedulo, and success—for us, our team and our customers—is a collaborative effort. We are proud of our team’s achievements and celebrate them every month with our Skedgend Awards. A Skedgend is a teammate who has been nominated by their peers for consistently demonstrating excellence in our values:


In this series, we share the personal stories of our valued Skedgends who work on the frontline and behind the scenes to help make Skedulo a success.

Jason Stokes, Regional Sales Director, based in London | Skedgend Award Winner, June 2021


How long have you been with Skedulo?

I’ve been with Skedulo for nearly 4 years now.

Why did you choose to work with Skedulo?

I saw a post on LinkedIn from someone I used to work with who was now working at Skedulo and raving about it. I’m really interested in productivity, software, and software that does interesting stuff and I thought, “This looks like a really cool company”. 

On the website it said Ask the CEO a question: Go on, try it. So I did! I pinged Matt and that’s how the ball got rolling.  

What’s your favorite thing about your role with Skedulo?

It’s an interesting role that has definitely evolved in terms of starting from a very small base and working with some interesting people, to the point today where we’re a bigger team with more customers. 

The best thing about working with Skedulo is the variety.

The UK is a fairly small team so we have to think outside the box to get our job done. We need to be a little bit of everything. But that’s the bit I think is most interesting. You’re doing lots of different stuff but everyone is heading towards a common goal.

Have you ever nominated someone for the Skedgend Award and why?

Actually, I have. I’ve nominated pretty much everyone who I work with in the UK. I believe we have good bench strength in the UK, with some really excellent people. It’s important in this region to shine a light on work that is done well, so I look for opportunities to nominate people. 

What does winning the Skedgend Award mean to you?

I was excited and really proud of it! In sales, getting nominated by people outside the sales sphere is embarrassing but nice to get that nomination.  

What Skedgend values do you feel you embody most?

I think probably Customer driven. Sales is traditionally very much about acquiring new customers and then trying to move on. In building up a business, especially in this region – and especially because we are very much hands on in the sales cycle – I find it really difficult to walk away from a customer and move on to the next one. 

I really like that I have a great relationship with all of our existing customers, and can call on them. Customer driven in sales is super important. 


What motivates you to work hard?

I guess the fear of failure, of not doing a good job. 

The cliché answer is earning money and keeping my kids alive, which is kind of the primary factor, but I think it’s about doing a good job and having good outcomes. Good outcomes in sales are customers paying for our expertise and being happy with the service we provide, the product we deliver, and the ongoing relationship we have with them. That is very rewarding. 

What is your proudest accomplishment at Skedulo?

If I think about how the business started – just myself and Scott Gassmann nearly 4 years ago literally walking around carrying a bag – and then I look at the couple of team get-togethers we’ve had recently where we’re now at 21 people…it’s amazing.

The business has grown so much in the UK, we now feel like a fully formed business unit within Skedulo with all the different disciplines represented, some great people, and a good dynamic and working relationship with everyone. 

What’s been the biggest surprise about working at Skedulo?

What’s been great to see is how the company and our vision has evolved in terms of what the product looked like and how it worked originally, to what it looks like today and where it’s going. 

That’s been a super pleasant surprise, and very exciting in sales and a customer-facing role to be really proud of what it is that you’re offering and to have that strategic customer conversation about where we’re headed in the future. 

What’s the most unusual prospect you’ve ever dealt with?

In the past week we’ve had a cleaning company in South Africa, a vaccination opportunity in Zambia, and we’ve been talking to companies in Russia. So there’s much in the way of variety, and it’s all been very interesting.

What’s your favourite food? What fuels you?

I used to live in Australia for a long time, and the best thing is that there’s excellent choice of food and global cuisine. I really miss good quality Thai food. The UK has come a long way, but still has some way to go to get some really good quality stuff. 

Can you share a fact about you that no one else knows?

Years ago, I got head hunted by British Intelligence to be a business analyst. I went through the process and got offered a job to work for British intelligence, but I chose to go backpacking in Australia instead. Make of that what you will.

What are you most excited about in 2021?

Continuing to fulfill our promise. I think we have a lot of work to do in this region, but I’m really confident about what’s in our kit bag, the capability of our team, the vision at hand, and the strategy that’s in place. It’s really exciting, but it’s going to require a lot of hard work to get there. 

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