Get to know Skedulo – Hieu “Tony” Le, Senior QA Engineer

Many people don’t know that Skedulo has an office in Vietnam – but we do! We opened in 2019 with just around 12 staff, and it has now grown to more than 50 people. 

The team comprises Devlopment, Engineering and I work within the Quality Assurance (QA) team. 

Being a QA engineer was not my original career path – when I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Computer Science, I first worked as a developer. But I quickly found it wasn’t for me and decided to move to QA, which is the final gate to make sure quality is the best it can be before it’s delivered to the client.

I still remember the day I was invited to join the team at Skedulo. It was 2016 and I had been working as a QA engineer for another company. Skedulo’s director in the Vietnam team approached me and asked if I wanted to challenge myself with a new technology.

As I already knew a few people who were working at Skedulo and they were very happy, I applied and have now been with the team for almost 5 years. 

A fast-paced team, dedicated to customer happiness

Quality assurance is fast-paced at Skedulo. Our job is to eliminate customer issues and make sure the quality we deliver is very high. 

We work alongside developers, customer success managers, project managers, solutions architects, and customers to work out requirements and develop a roadmap on how we will deliver to their needs. 

Skedulo’s teams use an agile scrum method, so we work in sprints as we journey from receiving requirements to problem solving and project completion. 

It’s always interesting work and I’m very motivated by customer satisfaction. What makes working here so special though is our people and culture. The environment is definitely different to anywhere else I have worked. 

We’re all encouraged to develop and share ideas with our manager or team leader without any concerns that we should feel worried or embarrassed or ignored. 

It feels like a family here and everyone genuinely cares about meeting customer needs and delivering outcomes on time. Customer driven is one of our values so we work hard to make customers happy and provide a very practical product that provides real value for money.

Memorable moments

2020 was a difficult year with COVID, and in Vietnam we had to work from home for one month. It was crazy in my house, and very distracting with all the family at home. My dog even added to it by jumping into my work seat before I could sit down every morning – so I had to find myself another chair!

As a team we stayed very connected with regular meetings and catch ups to make sure everyone was feeling OK. I think this helped Skedulo’s staff feel less stressed than others I knew who were going through the same thing. 

When the lockdowns were over, we moved on and rolled up our sleeves so we could support the vaccination program in the US. This has provided a huge opportunity for Skedulo to grow our brand in the market while helping so many people. 

I think the thing I’ve gained most from Skedulo is the ability to develop my soft skills, such as communication and interviewing new people. Everyone here is always willing to share their experience and help you grow.

We all go out of our way to help each other. No one is above helping anyone else or will ever tell you to go away because what you need isn’t their job. I also love our customers – they are so friendly and really fit with our culture. My favourite project to date has been working with the Australian healthcare market. I’ve been supporting this since the very beginning when we had very few customers, and now we have more than 50. 

I’m so excited to see where the future will take us as we continue to evolve the Skedulo platform day by day, month by month and year by year to meet the needs and desires of all our customers. 

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