Mobile Data Collection: A Faster, Easier Way to Get the Job Done

From service technicians to healthcare professionals to contract workers, mobile workforce management has revolutionized the customer experience for businesses with employees out in the field. Today’s customers demand a fast and painless experience—no matter where they are—and if they don’t get it from you, you can bet they’ll find someone else who can deliver.

Consider customer data collection. Your business revolves around collecting signatures, approvals, surveys, customer feedback, and other info out in the field. You can’t function without it, and you’re probably spending way too much time gathering  it. There’s an easier way: mobile data collection.

The Problem(s) with Manual Data Collection

If you were a data collector in England in the late 1080s, you probably would have wished for  a different career path. That was when William the Conqueror conducted the “Great Survey,” sending representatives of the crown to every home in the country to learn who lived where, who owned what, and how much they should be taxed on it.

Imagine the paperwork. Imagine the error rate. Imagine the sheer amount of time it would take to amass the necessary information.

While the Great Survey might be an extreme example of data collection, more recent practices aren’t much better, especially for companies with a mobile workforce. Manual data collection requires the field tech to go through several unnecessary steps, costing your business time and money.  

Manual field data collection usually follows the same pattern:

  • The tech brings a big stack of  forms with them to every job site.
  • The customer fills out the necessary form (often after the appointment is done, while the tech waits around).
  • The tech takes the form back to the office.
  • Someone in the office enters the information on the form into the system.
  • If something is missed, the tech has to make a special trip back to the customer’s location to fix the error or collect more information.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Think about all the ways manual data collection can go wrong. The paperwork gets lost in transit. The customer missed an important field on the form. There’s an error in the transcription process. Even if everything goes exactly according to plan, you’re still wasting time and making the work more difficult for mobile employees and most importantly, you’re not getting the most value out of your employees … their skills and time to serve more of your customers.

It’s time to get rid of the challenges that come with manual data entry and manual scheduling. It’s time to go mobile!

Mobile Data Collection Benefits Your Business and Your Employees

Mobile workforce management systems like Skedulo reinvent the way your business functions. They provide your field technicians with the tools they need to get their job done quickly, increase productivity, and decrease costly errors—including the tools for data collection.

The benefits of manual data collection include:

  • Less paper. Mobile data collection allows you to use less paper, which helps the environment, reduces waste, saves your company money, and boosts your image as an ecologically sustainable company.
  • Easier updates. When all your data is stored in the cloud, it’s easier than ever to make changes or updates in real-time, ensuring everyone on your team has the most current information.
  • Better customer experiences. No one loves filling out mountains of paperwork. By utilizing mobile data collection, the process moves quickly. Instead of presenting the customer with paper and a pen, you’re having a conversation: asking questions, getting answers, and building a relationship between the customer and your company.
  • Increased safety and security. Computers break. Files get lost. Paper gets damaged. By storing your information in the cloud, you’re ensuring that no matter what happens, you will always have access to your customer data.

Mobile data collection makes your team and business more effective. Effective teams and businesses earn more money and create happier customers. By 2020, 42% of the global workforce will be mobile. The time is now to implement new technology that sets your mobile workers up for success! Book your demo today to see Skedulo’s data collection in action, and find out how we can transform the way you do business.