How Home Services Providers Can Adapt to New Expectations and Tech


On-Demand Home Services Trends

The customer is king, and no one’s giving up the throne anytime soon.

Customer expectations—fueled by the transparency and speed of new tech—have been on the rise for some time. Customers are looking for a more simple, personalized, and user-friendly experience than ever before. They know their patronage has value, so if your service doesn’t live up to the “last best experience” they had, they’re ready to take their business elsewhere.

For companies that provide home services or other on-site services, these expectations pose a unique challenge: maintaining high-quality service and a deep customer focus with a distributed workforce.

Advanced tech makes it simpler to manage a mobile workforce, but it has plenty of other consequences as well. Technology and online review services open up a new world of transparency, allowing potential customers to see what others think about any given company or product. In addition, research shows 70% of consumers think technology has made it easier than ever to take their business elsewhere.

With your competitors only a click away, how do you stand out in the marketplace and deliver a truly excellent experience?

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