How to Choose the Right Field Service Management Software

The driving force behind a successful field service business is cutting costs while increasing productivity. Field service management (FSM) software helps you do just that, and much more.

The right software solution can help field service providers serve more customers with less overhead and simplify business processes like accounting, billing, and work order management. FSM software also allows field technicians to get more information, additional help, different equipment, updated travel times, and more—all to keep customer service moving along—at the touch of a button. By 2020, 75% of field service providers will be using FSM mobile apps to improve communication, coordination, and data management.

Must-Have Features for Field Service Management Software

All FSM solutions can schedule and dispatch field service technicians, but only some offer advanced capabilities to help you improve customer satisfaction, retain employees, and deliver high-quality service every time. Field service solutions increasingly use AI and predictive analytics to forecast demand, anticipate customer needs, and get the right person (and the right equipment) where it needs to be at any given point.

With the right solution, you can reduce missed appointments and follow-up appointments, increase field service efficiency, and make your customers happy. Your ideal FSM solution should have:

  • A mobile app for field workers and a web application for the office.
  • The ability to collect and store field data in a central database.
  • Advanced scheduling and dispatching features that account for many variables.
  • The ability to find the best technician for the job based on your primary business objectives.
  • Real-time communication capabilities.
  • The ability to manage contractors and employees in the same system.
  • Simple communication tools that help everyone stay connected.
  • Built-in GPS that helps track employees and identify the best route.
  • The ability to integrate seamlessly with other business systems.

Read the full checklist for more information on each point.