Introducing Advanced Analytics: Get Unique Insights Into Your Deskless Workforce

Data is the new gold, and organizations that know how to cultivate and leverage their data enjoy a significant competitive advantage over those that don’t. The Skedulo Deskless Productivity Cloud manages the scheduling and execution of work for deskless workforces, which means we have an incredible amount of very valuable operational data. To help our customers leverage that data, we have introduced Advanced Analytics into the Skedulo platform. This feature-rich addition allows our clients to mine their data to get deep insights about their businesses.

Actionable Insight

Meaningful data is key to achieving actionable insight. Understanding the state of your business is critical, but using data to help you manage your business better through actionable insights is where the real value of analytics emerges.

Every action on Skedulo generates data—and with the power of analytics our clients can now analyze that data to understand more about their businesses. At a macro level, this may mean looking at how the business is tracking against strategic goals like resource utilization, labor costs, or service levels. At a micro level, it may mean drilling down to pinpoint issues related to ultra-specific areas of the business like individual resource performance or individual client value.

At a local or regional level, actionable insight means users are able to:

  • identify who is completing jobs on time or late, and then arrange training for resources who may be struggling,
  • understand where quoting or estimates are proving incorrect and adjust the estimation process accordingly,
  • uncover which types of jobs get cancelled and why and then explore methods to reduce those cancellations,
  • and much, much more.

At a corporate level, actionable insight also empowers leaders and executives to make important decisions about resourcing and strategy. For example, a healthcare service may be ready to expand by opening a new location. Using analytics to understand the demographics of the clients for their most popular and profitable businesses allows the business to select a new location in which there is likely to be demand for those services.

Advanced Analytics also supports alerting based on defined thresholds, allowing decision makers to know about important situations without requiring them to constantly be watching dashboards. Alerts can be created for any situations that might be of immediate operational interest, such as spikes in cancellations or spikes in late jobs, so accountable professionals are ahead of the game and never taken by surprise.

Make Changes and Measure Impact

When you make a change to the way your business operates, how do you know if the change is effective or ineffective?

A Skedulo customer recently told us that when they started sending customers a text message to remind them of upcoming appointments, they saw an 84% reduction in missed appointments! This is huge—and the only way they could quantify the decision is with reliable data from before and after the change.

When you measure how your business is tracking, you set a benchmark that allows you to understand the effects of the changes you make. You can also see what’s working…and what’s wide open for improvement. This applies across all areas of service delivery and resource utilization.

For example, let’s say a cleaning company utilizes full time, part time and contract staff. By analyzing their scheduling data, leadership can determine if full time staff are twiddling their thumbs waiting for work while more expensive contract staff are overloaded.
Analyses like these allow the company to cut unnecessary spending so they can deliver their service at a cost that makes sense.

With cost and utilization baselines in place, scheduling can be changed to favor full time staff, and results can be measured moving forward. Alternatively, it may be more appropriate to run the numbers on ramping up contract staff to reduce the fixed costs associated with having more permanent staff—and determine what effect (if any) this may have on the ability to meet customer demand.

With Advanced Analytics, Skedulo customers can now use their data to better drive their businesses toward desired outcomes.

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Your Data, Countless Possibilities

Skedulo’s new Advanced Analytics allows you to slice and dice your data any way you like across a variety of dimensions including region, postcode, resource type, job type, client demographic, and more.

You can interact with the data, filtering and drilling down when you find something interesting; ultimately delivering actionable insights. We also make it easy to choose the depth of your analytics by offering integration with other sources of data your organisation has.

Our goal is to help you maximize use of your Skedulo data so you can drive improvements across all levels of your business and discover the gold mine at your fingertips.

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