Empower your mobile workforce with Skedulo Plus, our newly launched mobile app

I’m really excited to share the news of the launch of Skedulo’s new mobile workforce management app, Skedulo Plus.

With work becoming increasingly mobile, workers need to be armed with the right tools in order to do their work efficiently and effectively. As we looked at the options available to businesses who provide services in the field—whether they be installing solar panels, providing in-home care to patients, or doing any type of work outside of an office setting—we realized that most of the tools available today are overly rigid and difficult to use.

Consumer apps have raised expectations for your workforce. If you, like me, sometimes find yourself scrolling through social media feeds or consuming content through an app at home, what we don’t realize is these apps have conditioned us to expect a greater level of user experience. It begs the question: Why shouldn’t the apps we use for work be as easy to use and to navigate as the apps we use at home?

This is the standard we set for ourselves when building Skedulo Plus. We didn’t just want an app that would function effectively, but one that workers in the field would LOVE. An app that’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use. An app that adapts to the preferences of your workers and the workflow that’s needed to support your business.

One of the key capabilities of Skedulo Plus is its flexibility and extensibility. It’s built with a templatized framework that allows you to easily tailor it to meet your unique workflow. Let’s say you need to capture detailed information to note the specific equipment your team used to complete a job. Our mobile extensions allow you to create a form to capture this data and sync it back to your office. But what if your mobile worker is in an area without service? Skedulo Plus has offline sync, so your worker can still capture the data in the form and as soon as they return to an area with service coverage, it will sync automatically.

Another example of how you can tailor Skedulo Plus is with regards to billing. Through Skedulo Plus’ templatized builder, you can create a form that allows you visibility into your mobile worker’s start and end times and factors in things like lunch and recharge breaks. With this additional insight, you can bill your customers more precisely for the actual time worked while also ensuring you’re compliant with things like local labor laws.

Our newly launched mobile app

Skedulo Plus

Empower your teams to more efficiently schedule, manage and complete work with Skedulo Plus, an app purpose-built for the demands of mobile work.

  • Easily configurable to meet the needs of your team
  • Everything your team needs in the palm of their hands
  • Optimized for mobile work

From a user experience perspective, we’ve made Skedulo Plus really clean and simple with access to the information your mobile workers need right at their fingertips. There’s an easy to navigate calendar interface with details of each job or appointment. Accessibility is also incredibly important as we aim to ensure the product caters to the needs and challenges of as many people as possible, regardless of their disability or impairment.

Mobile workers are also able to accept jobs, use it for optimal routing to work, and it supports multiple languages. If you make changes to the app, you can push automated updates in bulk to the field without your team needing to do new downloads. And this is just the beginning, with a host of new features on the horizon.

At Skedulo, our mission is to empower the mobile workforce. We’re thrilled to offer a user friendly mobile app designed to enhance your team’s productivity and equip them to tackle challenges effectively. To discover how Skedulo Plus can empower your mobile teams to schedule, manage and complete tasks efficiently, please contact us.

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