Managing Contractors and Mobile Employees in the Service Economy

Call it the gig economy, the service economy, or simply the rise of the freelancer, the idea is the same: the way we work has changed.

Healthcare, construction, repair services, tech, engineering—the list of industries embracing contingent workers continues to grow. Gartner estimates that 40% of field service work will be performed by contractors and freelancers by 2020.

In the UK alone:

Skedulo Commercial Lead Jason Stokes was recently featured in HR Magazine discussing how mobile workforce management helps companies embrace contingent workers:

“So not only do customers have higher expectations for service experiences, but the labour force is more fragmented, and competition to recruit and retain the best employees is tougher than ever. How can HR leaders manage this multi-dimensional conundrum?

The answer has to be technology designed for these specific challenges. The rise of the smartphone and apps gives HR managers and contingent workers a tool capable of transforming the work experience for both parties.”

Does your company have the tools to support contingent workers alongside employees? Read the full article to learn more about managing contractors and mobile workers for success in the service economy.