New Product Capability: Create The Optimal Schedule With Skedulo’s Optimization Engine

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Skedulo’s new optimization engine enabling your teams to create an optimal schedule with the push of a button. 

When building our new optimization engine, we wanted to ensure that our customers would have control over the variables that are considered when optimizing. Unlike other tools in the market that restrict you to optimizing only based on travel time or schedule availability, our new optimization engine allows you the flexibility to decide what’s important to your business when optimizing the schedule. And a key part of that flexibility is optimization recipes—a feature that allows you to adjust settings to more heavily weigh the things that are important to your business when optimizing the schedule. 

Let’s say what’s critical for your organization is balancing the workload across all of your resources. You can use optimization recipes to ensure that the most important output of the schedule is that jobs are distributed equally across all of your resources. This helps you utilize all of your workforce efficiently and avoid things like unnecessary overtime. 

Another example of how our beta customers are using our new optimization engine is by taking into consideration the skills of a resource before assigning a job. Let’s say you have a pool of healthcare appointments that need to be scheduled. You have two types of resources that can handle these types of appointments: Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs). You can preset the optimization settings using recipes so that the optimization engine intelligently assigns out as many of these appointments to the LPNs, (the less expensive resource), as it can. This flexibility allows you to manage your costs more efficiently. 

We also know that many of you have challenges with worker retention. One of the frustrations mobile workers cite with their employers is how much time they spend behind the wheel. Our new optimization engine can help you reduce “windshield time” as it takes into account historical traffic data when recommending an optimal route. Your mobile workers will be able to spend more time delivering high quality service to more customers instead of spending that time stuck in traffic.    

With the power and flexibility to optimize based on what is important to you, organizations can ultimately schedule and handle more appointments more efficiently. A number of our customers are already seeing the benefits after upgrading to our new optimization engine. Customers using our new optimization engine have been able to schedule and complete 64% more jobs. Imagine what being able to complete 64% more jobs could do to your organization’s top line. 

With our new optimization engine, your schedulers will spend less time manually coordinating schedules, your workers will spend less time on the road and more time with customers, and your customers will see the benefits of having service delivered on time, everytime. 

Contact us to learn more about optimizing your scheduling to improve your organization’s efficiency.