Product Launch Announcement: Introducing new features that push the boundaries of mobile work

Nearly three billion people work on the front lines every day, in businesses and in our homes to provide healthcare, install and repair machinery, inspect and audit supply chains, and quote and assess insurance claims. Yet even with the critical work and services provided, these frontline workers are underinvested in when it comes to supporting technology. Many of the existing tools in the market are overly rigid and limited, all too often constrained by cumbersome rules, fixed workflows, and inflexible layouts. These limitations make it difficult for organizations to schedule and manage their workforce in a way that enables them to complete work efficiently and effectively.

That’s why I’m so proud to announce the next chapter for Skedulo and our Deskless Productivity Cloud. We’re introducing new, innovative features that push the boundaries of mobile work across our scheduling, mobile, platform, and developer capabilities.

Our platform provides companies with the flexibility and scale they need to drive outcomes and grow, and we’re now bringing that same level of flexibility to our Plan product with an all-new Scheduling Experience. We know how important it is for our customers that technology not only supports the complex process of organizing their workforce today but also allows them to continue to innovate, transform, and adapt in the future.

A powerful new Scheduling Experience isn’t the only thing we’re launching. Today we’re also announcing new features in our Skedulo Plus mobile application, advancements in optimization and intelligent scheduling, a brand new no-code mobile form builder, and a new developer experience on our platform.

Powerful Scheduling

Using our new Scheduling Experience, your teams will now be equipped to make better and faster decisions with new features like custom views, advanced filters, and enhanced work lists. Through easily customizable settings, your schedulers can access the information they need to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. For example, a scheduler may want to organize their view by job type in order to visualize how their resources are scheduled across their business’ key service offerings. Once they’ve created a set of filters in a way that works best for their needs, they can easily save these settings and views for consistency and share them with other schedulers.

To more easily address urgent work, changes, or cancellations, schedulers will be able to use our new context panels to view and edit more granular details about a job, all without leaving the context of the schedule view. To enable greater efficiency, your schedulers can now use our bulk actions feature to make changes across multiple jobs at once. Once these bulk actions are made, the scheduler can then use our optimization engine to automatically allocate and schedule work–even work that requires multiple resources with varying skill sets.

Finally, for businesses that operate using teams or crews of people, we’re launching new scheduling and optimization capabilities to make scheduling and managing work assigned to teams and crews even easier. Using our new teams and crews extension, schedulers will save valuable time by easily viewing and managing the assignment of work by the team, editing who’s assigned to what teams, and automating the scheduling of work using our Optimization Engine.

The new Scheduling Experience is all about putting the power directly in your hands, enabling greater customization and flexibility in adapting the experience to align perfectly with your unique scheduling workflow and processes.

Mobile Engagement

With work becoming increasingly mobile, there’s a critical need to ensure that workers in the field are enabled with the right tools and information to do their jobs effectively. That’s why last year we launched Skedulo Plus – our new and improved mobile app. 

As I’ve spoken to customers who are using Skedulo Plus, one of the things I’ve heard consistently is the need to enable workers to capture critical information in the field. This information is often crucial in helping ensure our customer’s operations run smoothly and jobs are done as effectively as possible. 

To solve for this challenge, we’re introducing an all new no-code form builder for the Skedulo Plus Mobile App. The Skedulo Plus Form Builder allows you to easily create and manage your mobile forms using an intuitive and simple interface. With a range of different form components such as text fields, toggles, file attachments, signature blocks and more, you’ll have the flexibility and freedom to design forms that meet any need. You can also add things like powerful branching logic so that as the form is filled out your users in the field will only capture the relevant details. 

Developer Experience for Mobile

At Skedulo, we pride ourselves in taking a unique, platform approach to helping you solve the complexities of managing mobile work. That’s why we’ve invested so much time and effort in ensuring our developer tooling and capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. 

One of the major developer capabilities we’re introducing is a new way that you can extend our mobile app to view, create, or update data related to your work. With our mobile extension framework, you can customize the way you view customer information, capture customer feedback, or manage inventory. For example, you may want to equip your teams in the field to capture open text notes on a customer to ensure they get the best possible service or care going forward. With minimal development required, your team can build a variety of extensions and easily deploy them to the Skedulo Plus Mobile App. Once pushed live, your teams can access the customer feedback field and start typing in critical information about that customer. 

There are a number of additional extensions that your team will be able to access including the ability to add or capture product details like serial numbers or assets, get signatures, and upload images. Ultimately we want to empower your mobile workers with task-specific, easy-to-use experiences that help them complete their work quickly, and safely.

Customer Impact

As the complexities of managing mobile work grow, we consistently find that companies who are able to adapt their technology to align with their business operations are going to have a real competitive advantage. That’s why I’m so excited about this launch, and why we’re continuing to invest in product capabilities that ultimately give you the power to tailor your scheduling workflow to your unique needs. 

I’ve seen first hand how this has helped some of our most successful customers like Solace Healthcare grow rapidly. Solace focused on designing the best possible experience for their customers and employees, and used Skedulo’s platform to customize and tailor their scheduling workflow accordingly. This has enabled them to grow their business dramatically over the last few years, while also improving operational efficiency and greatly increasing patient satisfaction.

If you are interested in seeing any of these new features in action, check out our product launch page for more detail.