Skedulo Healthcare Expert to Discuss ‘Shifting Point of Care’ at HIMSS22

These days, scheduling an appointment with your healthcare provider is less a question of when you can come in than where—as in, where would you like the appointment to take place? 

Sparked in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic and factors such as telehealth, virtual visits and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ nascent “hospital-at-home” program, care is increasingly moving beyond the traditional hospital and clinic settings and into satellite clinics or even patients’ own homes. What does that mean for patients, and especially the providers who cater to their preferences? 

That’s the topic of a presentation I’m excited to deliver later this month at the HIMSS22 Global Health Conference in Orlando, Fla. It’s titled “How the Shifting Point of Care Affects Patients and Providers.” The presentation is free to conference attendees; if you’re at HIMSS, I invite you to come check it out.

I joined Skedulo in 2021 after spending nearly a decade in workforce management (WFM), helping brands leverage schedule data and WFM technology to improve workforce retention, business revenue, and customer satisfaction. At HIMSS, I’ll discuss the various forces catalyzing the shifting point of care, as well as the different programs and venues where care is being provided to patients. I’ll also outline the very practical challenges and considerations this shift raises for providers, who now must balance scheduling and record-keeping between traditional clinic-based practices and mobile caregiving. 

These are critical issues for healthcare providers, who are already saddled with many administrative responsibilities and must pay increasing attention to issues such as route optimization, matching caregiver skills to patients’ needs, and boosting employee satisfaction amid a larger labor shortage.

The shifting point of care and the caregiver and patient experiences both loom large as conference themes. Immediately preceding me is a keynote session entitled “Preparing for the 2022 and Beyond Workforce” with CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley, while other presentations of interest include a discussion of a virtual bedside nursing unit and how the Hospital at Home program represents “a fundamental shift in acute care delivery.” 

I look forward to attending and making new connections and invite you to come hear my presentation and say hello. In addition to my talk, Skedulo will have a presence at the Innovation Live Kiosk 8140-18 in Hall E of the Orange County Convention Center. We hope to see you there!

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