Skedulo Named Momentum Leader for Field Service Management and Workforce Management on G2

We are thrilled to share that Skedulo has been ranked the #1 Momentum Leader for Field Service Management and the #3 Momentum Leader for Workforce Management by software review site G2.

G2 provides these rankings primarily based on user reviews. We are so grateful to our customers for taking the time to share their feedback about working with Skedulo. We are motivated by our customers every day, and it means a great deal to us that you took the time to review us on G2. Thank you!

Here are a few reasons why our customers have helped us receive this recognition.

Real Business Results

When our customers tell us we have helped them become more efficient, allowed their business to scale, or saved them countless hours of valuable time, we go home happy. Ultimately, we are here to deliver real results to your business. 

We’re so grateful to our customers who have taken the time to share how Skedulo has helped them change the way their business operates. Here are a few highlights:

  • Joe C. in construction says, “It has literally shaved 1 whole workday off my project administrator with the automated process set up from Salesforce to Skedulo. So the product has paid for itself 10 fold.”
  • Mandy P. tells us, “Our company has also seen increased efficiency, improved proactive in place of reactive behavior, earlier release of dispatch, and labor hour reduction.”
  • This administrator reports “growth in productivity, as well as accurate time reporting.”
  • Kevin F. says that Skedulo “saves travel dollars and ensures quality by scheduling resources based on proximity, certifications, and availability.”
  • Eric in real estate says, “We were hoping to reduce time to book a tour for our prospective tenants. We were able to drive down our scheduling time by more than 90%. A huge win for our business.”
  • And this executive reports that “benefits realized are a significant efficiency gain across all stakeholders.”

User Experience & Ease of Use

It’s no surprise that user experience has a lot to do with user satisfaction! At Skedulo, putting the customer first is one of our core values, and that shows in how we design our user experience. Our customers tell us that Skedulo makes it easy to find and act on the information they need. That includes data about the skills, availability, and location of your workforce, the needs of your customers, and what’s happening in real-time as scheduled work takes place.

“The web app is easy to see what jobs are ongoing and make changes. Mobile app is very user-friendly and easy to use for the technicians,” says reviewer Marc C, a COO. Leigh M, a business analyst in the healthcare industry, says with Skedulo he is “easily able to schedule multiple staff and notify them of their daily appointments.” This user is a fan of the scheduling layouts: “I also really like the different ‘views’ – I toggle between the ‘by day’ and ‘by week’ views.”

Making work easier for our customers is one of our most important measures of success. Hear from our product development and design team to learn more about Skedulo’s approach to user experience.

Customer Support

We’re proud to have earned G2’s “Customers Love Us” recognition. Everyone at Skedulo is exceptionally dedicated and relentless in their support of our customers. We take our commitment to our customers seriously, whether that’s prompt responses to questions or supporting the development of solutions to complex problems. 

Our Customer Experience team gets a lot of love from our customers!

Kristin N., an IT administrator, reports “Everyone I have worked with at Skedulo has been extremely helpful. They all seem to have extensive knowledge of their product and really care about helping their customers roll it out successfully.” Vokhid, an admin at a construction company, says “their support team is great and cooperative. We are happy to work with them and look forward to leveraging this solution to our other business units.”  Stephen L., a systems analyst, says, “Skedulo is a company that is really engaged with their user base. Skedulo has helped us solve a number of issues and pain points.”

Learn more about our approach to services and support.

Product Innovation & Capability

Being a Momentum Leader is all about being ahead of the curve and we seek to deliver innovative capability that goes far beyond automating familiar business processes. And we are continually expanding our platform to give customers the “under the hood” capability they need for their enterprise-grade challenges.

Our customers highlight product innovation as one of the key values they get from Skedulo. John M., a CEO in real estate, writes that one of the best things about Skedulo is “the constant innovation and furthering of their product. They are always rolling out new features and iterations of the software.” George L. highlights “the ability to add fields easily and quickly is an enormous advantage for evolving the reporting capability in line with changing requirements.” For Rebekah L, it’s all about the analytics: “Skedulo allows for both the management of established and new scheduling while combining predictive analytics to inform options to ensure clients’ needs are met and employees are utilized.”

“Momentum” Means More to Come

Skedulo is here to become the best Mobile Workforce Management platform for the modern, deskless workforce. It is a complex problem that impacts billions of mobile workers across millions of enterprises worldwide. That means there are billions of people and thousands of businesses who stand to benefit from the greater efficiency and better employee experiences Skedulo offers. 

As we expand our reach and our platform, we will continue to build this momentum. Request a demo today and see how our momentum can help change your business.