Provide the Complete Customer Experience from Agent to Field with Zendesk and Skedulo

In a world of instant information sharing, people’s perception of your business counts now more than ever.

Armed with little more than their mobile phones, customers eagerly take to social media and review sites to share their personal experiences with millions of potential customers – and those experiences they’ve had matter.

Studies have shown as many as 97% of customers are influenced by online reviews when deciding which company to select for their services, and the quality of those reviews can increase conversions by a whopping 270%.

With this in mind, Skedulo and Zendesk have united in partnership, understanding that the value in delivering a remarkable customer experience cannot be underestimated. Timely, friendly, and consistent delivery of great customer service is key to staying competitive and building loyal brand advocates. 

Data tells a story about customer expectations

In their Customer Experience Trends Report 2020, cloud-based customer service app Zendesk, uncovered some fascinating insights on consumer behaviour and expectations. 

According to the data:

  • 74% of customers feel loyal to a brand or company
  • 52% will go out of their way to buy from their favorite brand or company 

But loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it’s cultivated over time by delivering a consistently great customer experience — from product development and marketing teams right through to frontline workers.  

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When asked what was considered “good” customer service, the top 3 responses from Zendesk’s study participants were:

  1. I can resolve my issue quickly
  2. Support is available in real time
  3. Support is available through my preferred contact method

On the same token, a “bad” customer experience involved long wait times, difficulty connecting with a human over automated systems, and having to repeat information multiple times. 

For those customers who endured a bad experience, approximately 50% said they would immediately consider switching to another company, and 80% said they would switch after just a couple of bad experiences!

Often, a negative customer experience doesn’t happen because a frontline worker is inadequate. It happens because the worker is using inadequate systems. In a recent Skedulo study, we considered the impact inadequate software has on the deskless workforce – a population that outnumbers desk-based workers 4 to 1. 

CIOs estimate their deskless workforce will grow by 62% within the next 2 years, however 76% of CIOs agreed software vendors have overlooked their needs when it comes to facilitating or empowering their deskless workforce. 

Sadly, a huge 86% of IT leaders say their deskless workers’ productivity is hindered because they need to navigate between multiple software tools to do their work. 

Systems integration is key to customer experience

The Zendesk report shows customers want fast, efficient support — and they expect businesses to implement the necessary systems to deliver it. In fact, 70% of surveyed consumers said they expect companies to collaborate internally so they don’t have to repeat themselves. 

Depending on the nature of your business, the ability to deliver this level of service may require leveraging multiple platforms that drive efficiencies across different areas of your business. But the key to success is the integration of those systems: they must complement each other and work together to ultimately produce a customer experience worthy of 5 stars. 

It was this knowledge that led to a partnership between Skedulo and Zendesk. Just as we knew our clients were using Zendesk to manage customer interactions, Zendesk clients were using Skedulo to manage their field resources. And as we found in our study, 67% of companies were having to supplement their main platforms so they could support their deskless workforce — a gap we knew we needed to close.  

By integrating our systems, we are able to offer an advanced capability for our clients which in turn empowers them to offer a highly improved customer experience.

At its core, the integration:

  • Provides a single source of truth for all customer engagements
  • Is an end-to-end solution for ensuring quality customer support 
  • Empowers every staff member to deliver exceptional customer service 

It places the key to staying competitive and building loyal brand advocates — timely, friendly, and consistent delivery of great customer service — in your hands.  

The Skedulo and Zendesk partnership exists to provide the complete customer experience through a joint solution that can be leveraged from the first moment of service until the completion of a customer support appointment.  

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