Why Customer Success is at the heart of Skedulo’s success


Have you ever bought a product after being so dazzled by a salesperson—only to be left completely high and dry after you start using it?

For businesses, this is an all-too-common scenario and one that’s sadly not confined to low cost purchases. Highly skilled sales people tout the benefits of products and services that reach well into the 6-figures, and after the deal is done and contracts are signed, getting support is like trying to squeeze water from a stone. 

When I first started with Skedulo just over 2 years ago, the opportunity to be a “Customer Success Manager” attracted me to the role every bit as much as what Skedulo does and stands for. 

Traditionally when you become a customer of a company, you’re appointed an “Account Manager”. This is someone who is paid to be your point of contact, but is generally concerned with:

  • Answering your questions
  • Placating you so you don’t leave
  • Upselling and cross-selling so you buy more

The concept of a Customer Success Manager flips this paradigm on its head. Our goal isn’t to manage clients so they buy more and don’t leave. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) business, we know that the service aspect is as vital to our clients as the software we provide. 

Instead, our Customer Success Managers exist to:

  • Get to know your business
  • Understand what success with Skedulo means to you
  • Create a map to help you succeed

Our focus is not that of cross-selling or up-selling, and don’t have any sales targets. Our role is about education, adoption and outcomes. Pure and simple. 

Why our customers love having a Customer Success Manager

Our customers tell me how reassuring it is to have someone hold their hand as they overhaul legacy practices to implement Skedulo’s capabilities into their business operations. 

Here are five aspects of working with a CSM that our customers tell me adds real value to them:

1. Working together to establish adoption goals

This means looking at what success means to the customer, and developing a roadmap to achieve it. 

When we understand the pain points our customers were facing before Skedulo, we know how to help them use Skedulo to overcome those challenges. 

2. Building a relationship with someone who cares about your success

While we’re always here to answer customer questions, we also proactively reach out to ask how our customers are tracking. 

If I see a support request come through from one of my customers to our technical team, I can contact them to understand the issue in more depth. If it could significantly impact their business, I will escalate the ticket so it’s resolved as quickly as possible. 

Where customers have feedback on Skedulo features or functionality, we’re able to pass this directly to our internal teams. 

3. Receiving quality training

Our role is to upskill key personnel within our customers’ organisations who become experts at using Skedulo in their own right. These experts can then train others in their organisation, and come back to us with any questions at any time. 

4. Helping with change management

Change management is one of the biggest concerns for customers introducing a revolutionary new method of operating their business. 

This is where CSMs add a lot of value to our customers in equipping them with the information and support needed to boost adoption. You’ll often find us out in the field experiencing how people use Skedulo and offering feedback to make their life easier. 

I love hearing how frontline workers’ lives have changed by having Skedulo in their pocket, such as “I can be so much more efficient now”, or “I have all the info I need to provide a better customer service”, or “I feel safer using Skedulo”. 

5. Being flexible when customers need it

I was extremely proud to be part of the Skedulo team when COVID hit. The company was ultra flexible in meeting clients’ needs during a time of great difficulty and uncertainty. 

For example, I had a number of customers whose businesses temporarily closed. They asked for reprieve and I was able to help them achieve it which in turn helped their businesses. 

Skedulo also offered free licenses for 3 months so customers who had more staff working in the field specifically due to the pandemic could get additional seats at no extra cost. 

As a CSM, I loved being able to offer that to customers and know I work for a company with a big heart. 

Why I love being a Skedulo Customer Success Manager

When I first started with Skedulo, there was a realm of knowledge to take onboard—equipping oneself with hands-on and intimate knowledge of not only Skedulo, but also Salesforce and how both products complement each other. 

This continual learning really helps as we work with customers on their Skedulo journey: from admin set-up to product alignment sessions. 

The opportunity to expand your know-how doesn’t stop there either—we also have regular product meetings and what’s new sessions so we can demonstrate any new features to our customers and explain how it could help their business. Our role is very cross-functional, so we’re essentially connecting all the different teams within Skedulo with the people who are using the product. This also happens on an executive level, with initiatives such as our Customer Advisory Board, which keeps the 2-way conversation flowing. 

My favourite part of being a CSM though is watching as customers realise efficiencies in their business by using Skedulo. For example:

“Even simple things, such as triple-checking that the subject field had the right job reference number, were painful and time-consuming for admin staff. And Building Consultants couldn’t be certain that they had the latest information when they arrived on site. That’s all changed with Skedulo.” 

“Skedulo is really well integrated, and it’s much tidier than handling lots of calls and emails. It’s also much quieter in the office now.”

Because we are limited to how many customers we’re allowed to take on, it ensures we have enough time in the day to dedicate to each one. Instead of feeling pulled in every direction, I enjoy being able to really get to know my customers and help them succeed. 

I was honoured to recently receive our company’s “SKEDGEND” award. This is a global initiative that recognises excellence in Skedulo values, nominated by peers who call out a team member’s actions that align with Skedulo values such as Caring First, Fearless Together, Boldly Innovative, Customer Driven and No Shenanigans.  

Join us as a Customer Success Manager

Skedulo is always on the lookout for people who love helping businesses use technology to achieve ambitious goals. 

We want CSMs with energy and spirit who are empathetic, sincere, and not afraid to get their hands dirty. People who love learning the technical side, and empowering customers with all the knowledge they need to succeed. 

You have to be a great communicator and very organised, because Skedulo treats all its staff like adults—we have a lot of autonomy and flexibility in how we manage our time to meet our customers’ needs. 

The culture here is second to none; everyone is super friendly and supportive, and management is always keen to help you develop your career. 

Most importantly, working with Skedulo means working with organisations that are actively invested in changing people’s lives. The people we support are those who are on the frontline in sectors such as healthcare, social services and community services, which always leaves a smile on your face at the end of the day. 

To find out about becoming a Customer Success Manager, see our job listings. To learn more about how your business can use Skedulo to succeed, book a free demo

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