Why Skedulo is perfect for the Super Bowl and other big events


A couple of weeks ago, Americans watched as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat out the Kansas City Chiefs 31 to 9 in Super Bowl LV.

It was an exciting game and an incredible result for legendary quarterback Tom Brady, who now boasts more wins to his name than any player or team in NFL history. 

The outcome was also glorious for locals, with the event held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Just 25,000 fans were allowed into a stadium built to host more than 65,000 with social distancing measures still firmly in place. Attendees included 7,500 vaccinated health workers who had been gifted tickets as a thank you for their tireless efforts on the frontline throughout the recent health crisis. 

Unfortunately not everyone in Tampa was celebrating though, with Tampa’s Mayor expressing deep disappointment for the numbers of people who did not wear masks or practice social distancing on the day. It was always going to be a difficult event to manage in a time of such uncertainty. However, the planning and execution of large scale events such as the Super Bowl, concerts, New Year celebrations, and many more will need to take center stage as we continue to struggle with the COVID pandemic. 

Find out whether High Capacity Scheduling is a good fit for you

High capacity scheduling will be crucial to future success

Pre-booked and staggered arrivals, met with contactless check-ins and fully equipped frontline staff, are going to play an important part in the success of future large scale events. 

This is why Skedulo is working with other best of breed technologies to deliver workable solutions that solve these vast scheduling challenges. 

These 4 key features of our high capacity scheduling solution assist event managers to plan and execute large scale events:

1. Large scale capacity for self-service appointments

Want to orchestrate the arrival of 30,000 attendees at staggered times to avoid long lines/queues? 

Skedulo’s booking calendar integrates with any event website and enables attendees to:

  • choose an arrival time
  • book their time 
  • enter their details
  • receive automated confirmation
  • cancel or re-schedule using their unique code

2. Pre-event communications to all attendees or certain groups

Want to advise people about a change to event logistics or remind them of social distancing requirements?

Skedulo allows you to send bulk updates to all registered attendees or select certain groups who are set to arrive at a specific time (or through a specific gate). 

3. Contactless check-in on arrival

Skedulo ensures the safety of patrons and event staff with contactless check-ins via their mobile phone. 

Attendees simply scan their QR code to confirm arrival, and can move quickly through the gates. No loitering, queues, or paperwork necessary!

4. The right workers in the right place at the right time

Managing thousands of frontline event workers is an age-old challenge for even the best event planners, and can be even more difficult when volunteers are involved. 

Skedulo is designed to make mobile workforce management super simple, with features such as:

  • self-service volunteer registrations 
  • location-based scheduling
  • one off and recurring shift scheduling
  • fast re-scheduling if workers can’t make their shift

A plan to succeed in the new normal

No one knows what the future holds, or if life will ever return to the way we remember it. 

But one thing is certain: we can plan to succeed if we use new methods to manage old favorites in the new normal. Favorites such as watching your team take out the Major League Baseball, your favorite band rock it out on stage, or seeing live theatre again.

The logistics of managing these events is only going to get simpler as we allow technology to do more of the heavy lifting. That way, event staff and frontline workers can spend more time focused on what they do best: putting on a great show that people will remember for a lifetime. 

At Skedulo, we are highly passionate about working with organizations in the public and private sectors to assist during this pandemic—with practical, fit-for-purpose solutions that solve our world’s biggest scheduling challenges. 

To find out how Skedulo can assist with your next event, simply book a free demo.

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