A Guide to Effective Workforce Management Tools

Two-thirds of people in 52 of the world’s leading countries will own a smartphone in 2018, up 8% from 2016. This interconnectivity changes how we communicate, make purchases, find local businesses, and even how we work.

As technology becomes an even bigger part of our lives, businesses are turning to new ways to coordinate work. Managing the flow of jobs—especially for a largely mobile workforce—is a huge undertaking, but the right tool can take the guesswork out of mobile workforce management.

An effective mobile workforce management system:

  •   Is mobile-first, and works seamlessly with all your devices.
  •   Can match the right worker to the right job.
  •   Can notify mobile workers of new jobs and appointments.
  •   Offers various notification options.
  •   Gives mobile workers access to important information.
  •   Has real-time tracking capabilities.
  •   Helps mobile workers capture data from the field.
  •   Can set precise appointment times based on location and availability.
  •   Integrates with other tools for extra functionality
  •   Integrates with CRM platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Read the full checklist for a more detailed breakdown of what you should look for in your tools—and download the printable checklist for quick reference as you search!