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Cosgrove Care

Mobile caregivers
Scotland, United Kingdom

Cosgrove Care Delivers Personalized Support to More Communities with Skedulo

For people with complex needs, Cosgrove Care helps them to have the same opportunities as everyone else in their communities. With their diverse breadth of services, Cosgrove was unable to grow the communities they served due to cumbersome, manual processes. Skedulo’s mobile workforce management solution enabled Cosgrove to save time in setting up appointments and provide relevant information to caregivers while on the go, leading to increased operational efficiency and the ability to better serve their communities. 

About Cosgrove

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Cosgrove Care helps people with additional needs to live more independently in their communities and maintain good health and wellbeing. They provide support with education and employment opportunities to adults, as well as administer home care services and assist with participation in local community activities. Cosgrove also enables children with additional needs to develop social skills and provides advice to families on how to best support their children. Cosgrove aims to improve the lives of people with additional needs and their families so that they have the same opportunities as everyone else.

The Challenge of Delivering Personalized Care

Cosgrove’s core promise is to provide personalized support to people of all ages, wherever and whenever they may need it. This ranges anywhere from after school care and overnight stays with children and their families to group learning, employment support, and assisted home living for adults. Cosgrove’s team of caregivers visit these people anywhere from a few times a day to longer-term support arrangements over the course of weeks. Because the needs of supported individuals can change frequently, Cosgrove’s challenge is to ensure that their staff can deliver highly personalized care efficiently and consistently in any location or environment.

Since their caregiver staff travels to support people at all times of the day, Cosgrove found it difficult to know what was happening in real time with their employees at these appointments. Information for both adults and children was stored in a system that was primarily designed for nursing homes. It took the scheduler team multiple days to set up appointments for the upcoming weeks, manually recording information in spreadsheets with no easy way to access information while away from a computer. Then prior to a visit, caregivers had the additional challenge and burden of gathering basic details to notes on past visits and individuals’ preferences, in order to prepare for the support needed.

After each visit, caregivers didn’t have a single, trusted place to record the individual preferences and customized notes, which made it difficult to deliver consistent and personalized care in future appointments. Lacking the efficiency to scale, Cosgrove could not grow to serve more people in the community despite high demand for their services.

Compromising on quality or the variety of services offered was not an option to improve operations. “We needed to solve some of the inefficiencies in our organization. We knew we were growing and we knew to take the organization forward — we had to move our systems forward,” said Pauline Boyce, Director of Strategic Development. Cosgrove needed a better way to manage their dynamic, complex operations and put the right information into their caregivers’ hands. 

“We needed to solve some of the inefficiencies in our organization. We knew we were growing and we knew to take the organization forward — we had to move our systems forward.”
Pauline Boyce
Director of Strategic Development at Cosgrove Care

A Streamlined Mobile-First Solution to Better Support Caregivers

Cosgrove needed to find a solution that would be flexible enough to support all of their different workflows across the diverse groups of people that they serve. Traditional medical and employee scheduling solutions could not support the work that was going on in individuals’ homes, schools, and community spaces. Moreover, Cosgrove’s workforce of caregivers were accustomed to familiar processes, like paper forms, and knew they needed a digital solution that was easy to adopt and simple to use for everyone. 

Cosgrove found Skedulo via the Salesforce AppExchange and was encouraged by the success of other home healthcare organizations like HealthStrong.

“Skedulo understood what we were trying to do and was willing to work with an organization of our size. A lot of our systems and processes were outdated, very manual, and disconnected.”
Pauline Boyce
Director of Strategic Development at Cosgrove Care

A key goal for Cosgrove was to grow the reach of their organization into the surrounding areas and extend support to more people in need. They knew these people often preferred to work with the same caregivers from appointment to appointment, which was nearly impossible to achieve when information was stored in spreadsheets or in peoples’ memories. And they needed a system that could support the variety of services they offer, from 15 minute increments to overnight stays.

Skedulo provided a single system to reliably and easily manage appointments despite complex, variable schedules and needs for each appointment. Now with Skedulo, a team of care coordinators could set up and share the week’s schedules in 30 minutes — an enormous reduction from taking as much as four days — freeing up time for other high value initiatives.

Skedulo’s mobile-first solution enabled Cosgrove’s caregivers to be more efficient outside the office while working with individuals. Before, the amount of information that they could access during an appointment ranged anywhere from an individual’s basic information to a full support plan. Now, caregivers had access to everything from walking and driving routes to house entry codes to medication information, right at their fingertips. Skedulo gave Cosgrove’s caregivers more consistency with how they were informed prior to a patient visit.

Most importantly, Cosgrove’s caregivers readily and quickly adopted this new technology.

“They’ve just taken to it so easily. They just use it automatically, intuitively. They’re given a phone, we take a few minutes to show them how to use the Skedulo App, and they are up and running.”
Pauline Boyce
Director of Strategic Development at Cosgrove Care

Reaching More Communities and Enabling Growth with Skedulo

Skedulo gives Cosgrove Care visibility into what is happening onsite with supported individuals where they had none before. Built-in reports and dashboards visually display metrics that Cosgrove uses to continually improve their operations. Also, Cosgrove is better enabled to provide more personalized care to the people they support.  For example, caregivers now use the Skedulo mobile app to record post-appointment reports and daily support notes, ensuring consistency from visit to visit. Having this information readily available even when on-the-go empowers caregivers to quickly make decisions and focus on the time that they spend with individuals.

Skedulo’s solution has helped Cosgrove kickstart a digital transformation within a sector that has struggled to find technical solutions to meet its needs. With the valuable resources that they save by using Skedulo, Cosgrove can dedicate more time and energy towards helping more people to live independently. They look forward to expanding the range of services they provide, in addition to being able to reach more people across West Central Scotland.

“We’re so positive about the experience of working with Skedulo,” says Boyce. “It’s been a pleasure working with everyone on the team we’ve come across. We’re championing you with everyone we meet here in the UK.”

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