Native ServiceNow Integration

Employee scheduling with ServiceNow

Schedule, dispatch, and track mobile workers with Skedulo and ServiceNow integration
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Improve workflows and data entry
Eliminate silos and manual data entry with Skedulo and ServiceNow. Easily access field notes and drive workflows from data natively stored in your ServiceNow environment.
Send the right employee at the right time
Intelligent scheduling sends the right person to the right job at the right time. Set precise appointment times (not estimated windows) that give your customers peace of mind.
Empower your mobile workers
Help your mobile workforce get work done quickly and easily on the mobile devices they already use. Automatically extend the critical HR or IT job data into the field for workers to manage logistics and details.
Get valuable mobile workforce insights
Get actionable insights about team performance, including necessary resources, job completion time, travel time, and customer satisfaction data—all translated to easy-to-use dashboards.

Skedulo & ServiceNow for Mobile Workforce Management

Learn how you can get more of your ServiceNow investment with Skedulo. Skedulo can help you automate your daily processes with paperless workflows—and give you crucial insight into what’s happening in the field.

Real insight into field operations & performance

Skedulo provides 360-degree connectivity from your back-office scheduling to your field appointments. Field service managers can view daily progress and status updates, then generate reports to analyze performance over time.

Eliminate manual scheduling and data entry

The Skedulo mobile app seamlessly connects job data with your ServiceNow HR or IT system of record. In the back office, your administrators can share updated schedules instantly to keep everyone up-to-date. Out in the field, your employees can automatically capture paper surveys, customer satisfaction feedback, signatures, and other onsite information directly into ServiceNow.

Maintenance and agenda

Schedule employees directly from ServiceNow

Manage the customer experience from start to finish by weaving intelligent scheduling into your regular business processes. Initiate a scheduling request from an issue, support request, work order or any other object in ServiceNow, and Skedulo’s scheduling platform goes to work.

Secure, HIPAA-compliant ServiceNow integration

Your data — from schedules to employee data to customer information– is secure. Skedulo  partners with trusted and secure platforms to deliver the level of data security and user authentication required to meet the data compliance needs of healthcare companies, financial services firms, and more.

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